Portal: Ion LP (silver/black mix)


Hmm.. this is frightening record, like their previous ones. This Australian group takes you on the journey between dimensions, leaving you to float alone in the void just to tear you back to their chaotic realm. Still remember watching their video of  “Swarth” years ago and I was just… wow! And with this new one the reaction is still that same. Like I said, frightening record. Ordered this copy (ltd.100) from Profound Lore when it was announced and it’s no surprise that all those colored variations are long gone by now.. But hey, it’s not about the color of the vinyl, it’s all about the music. Still you can purchase this one on regular blackened wax for example from the source, Profound Lore or for example from HR Records.. choice is yours. Excellent album.


Archspire: Relentless Mutation LP (blue)


Never been a big fan of technical death metal (well, I have one Portal record in collection..) but listening this record via BandCamp blew my mind. I just had to purchase a copy because this sounds nuts. This band with this record shows how far this genre has evolved since those early days of death metal. Luckily I’m quite open-minded so I decided to give this record a chance.. Relentless Mutation is filled with so much energy it’s like to blow. Everybody should have at least one technical death metal album in their collection (now I have two) and this could be the one. This album is released by Season Of Mist and their EU store has some silver versions available (limited to 300 copies), US store has this blue colored one (limited to 100 copies) still available. I got my copy from HR Records. What else can I say? I like this one, you don’t have to. Choice is yours.

Let’s sing along


Auroch: Mute Books LP (silver/black merge)


Been clearing my ears last few days with this freaking awesome death/black/math metal album by Auroch. This album floats somewhere beyond blackened technical death metal or something but still sounds damn good. Never heard of this band before this album but nowadays I have learned to trust that whatever Profound Lore Records is putting out is worth to check out immediately. This crushing album is limited to 100 copies on this colorway and 400 copies on black vinyl. Available from the source, Profound Lore. And one thing that I have noticed (this goes for those who live in EU), it’s cheaper to order from Profound’s MerchTable than from EU store (run by Aisa Merch).