Ø: Olento 2xLP


 This record has nothing to do with comfortable music, rock or nearly anything you usually like to listen. It’s electronic, minimal and abstract. Olento is an album that has shaped my music taste more than any other record. Sähkö Recordings released this album by late Mika Vainio first time in 1996 only on CD format (I can still remember where I bought my copy). A few months ago I got a note that this has been pressed on vinyl (finally) and I bought this copy without hesitation. Available for example via Hard Wax, Further Records, Norman Records, and Record Shop X if you are interested. And yes, the domain name of Vinyl Diaries is taken from this album.


36: The Infinity Room 2x LP (red transparent)


One of those artists I have been following for years now. I’ve been fascinated by his music since I bought his second full-length, Memories In Widescreen, about five or six years ago. Few releases I have missed during these years but certainly I’m getting those too, some day. With this one I was little late, didn’t wanted to order this from the states nor from Juno Records so I waited for copies artist himself was going to sell. Surprisingly I missed that moment too.. luckily Boomkat got some copies and I managed to purchase my copy via them. Been listening this a lot within last few days and of course I like what I’m hearing, that’s why I bought it. Limited to 300 copies on transparent clear vinyl and it seems that the album is totally sold out now.


Kentolevi: Keimola E.P. 12″


Lately I’ve been purchasing releases where Mika Vainio has been involved and here’s one again. Back in the days I had this “Keimola E.P.” by one of Vainio’s aliases, Kentolevi, but I sold it years ago (probably because I needed money for beer or something..). After ordering that Pan Sonic’s latest release I decided to go after other Vainio releases and then I found this “promotional” copy of Keimola E.P. from Discogs. As shown in the picture above, cover has some wear but that’s not important when the vinyl is in perfect condition. Awesome release, awesome purchase. I’m a happy man, again.



Donato Dozzy: The Loud Silence LP (white)

donato dozzy

Got this beauty from Further Records yesterday. And as you might guess, this is not hard & heavy nor blackened metal. this is Donato Dozzy and his latest full-length filled with experimental techno/ambient soundscapes. I just couldn’t resist purchasing this one because I really enjoyed his debut album, K. This white colored version is limited to 100 copies and surprisingly sold out but if you are interested of clearing your troubled minds with some twisted techno vibes Further Records is place to go. There are black colored copies available (edition of 900, so there still might be some available..)

Cio D’Or: All In All 2xLP (clear)

uuhMinimal.. This one I picked up from that usual place, post office, yesterday. Some strange way this release reminds of those times I found Panasonic and electronic music. I came across with this album via OMG Vinyl, blog I have been reading years, and that’s the place you should follow too. This double album on this colorway is limited to 100 copies and there’s some still left on Semantica’s BandCamp site for you to purchase!


Alessandro Cortini: Risveglio 2xLP (white)


Then it’s time to return back to the darkness. Latest record from Alessandro Cortini and fifth one I own from this mastermind. There’s a good reason why I keep purchasing his records, these are absolutely stunning!. Dark, abstract, electro-ambient or something like that.. I have praised this gentleman so many times before and will continue doing that in the future. Stunning masterpiece of darkened synth-ambient. Initial copies came on white vinyl and It’s quite obvious that these are already sold out but don’t worry, at least there are black copies available from Boomkat / Anost. Oh, thanks to Ralp, without his tweet I would have missed this treasure.



Vatican Shadow: Death Is Unity With God 2xLP (transparent yellow & green)


I have this strange obsession with Vatican Shadow, I must purchase every damn vinyl release from this artist and I can’t help it (few I have missed though). Some kind of post-apocalyptic (experimental/industrial) electronics is the name of the game here and I really enjoy games like this. Initial copies (300) comes on colored vinyl and sad but true, it seems that this colored version is sold out. Regular copies available for example from Juno Records, Kompakt, Red Eye Records, Bleep etc.. I do not really know but colored version might be available from Forced Exposure sooner or later?

Demdike Stare: Testpressing #004 12″ (transparent green)

demdike stare

And today this came, 4th from this ongoing series (that seems to be endless..). And about the record itself.. experimental-droned-weird-techno, hope that was justified description. Maybe I’ll stop purchasing these when we come to “Test Pressing #100”. Initial copies came on this color variation and surprisingly these are sold out. For regular black copy, head to Boomkat, or if you are really after these colored versions go to Discogs but be aware that prizes are what they are..

Demdike Stare: Testpressing #003 12″ (clear peach)


First one this week. Picked this up from the local post office today. Third “Testpressing”  and just wondering how many they are going to release.. For those who do not know this band, it’s just better to listen to yourself. Initial copies came on this color and rest seems to b black copies. I ordered this copy from Boomkat, and seems that they have sold both versions out.. hmm. Experimedia seems to have this for pre-order..

Ø: Röntgen EP 12″


And here is maybe the greatest artist in minimal electronic scene (and this is purely my own opinion). Man behind this is Mika Vainio, other half of Pan Sonic (formerly known as Panasonic). I was totally blown away when I first time heard “Vakio” by Panasonic (Pan Sonic). It was something totally new to me. This is repress of this EP and you can easily find this from Discogs. Sähkö Recordings has sold this out but you can find something interesting there :)

Donato Dozzy: K 2xLP (black)

This I bought two years ago randomly and this is one of those records which were positive surprises. Don’t know how many pressed but seems that this is sold out everywhere. You can find this from Discogs.. and it seems that you have to spend quite much to get this one..