Ø: Röntgen EP 12″


And here is maybe the greatest artist in minimal electronic scene (and this is purely my own opinion). Man behind this is Mika Vainio, other half of Pan Sonic (formerly known as Panasonic). I was totally blown away when I first time heard “Vakio” by Panasonic (Pan Sonic). It was something totally new to me. This is repress of this EP and you can easily find this from Discogs. Sähkö Recordings has sold this out but you can find something interesting there :)

Donato Dozzy: K 2xLP (black)

This I bought two years ago randomly and this is one of those records which were positive surprises. Don’t know how many pressed but seems that this is sold out everywhere. You can find this from Discogs.. and it seems that you have to spend quite much to get this one..