Dopethrone: Transcanadian Anger LP (colored)


Took a little while to arrive but finally it’s here (got me some extra seven-inch for compensation). What can I say, damn good record with same elements of dirt & danger as all previous albums. Love this record and it goes straight to my top 10 records of this year. There’s no band like Dopethrone and obviously some groups try to follow their filthy footsteps.. but there’s one to rule them all. Pow to the King! This colored one (Totem Cat Records exclusive) is limited to 300 copies and still available from the source (oh, and if you like your vinyl on classic black that’s also available from that very same place). Aaarrrgghhhh….



Dopethrone: Dark Foil & III (bundle + poster)


I’m so big fan of this band that I had to order these two once again (got original copies already) but hey, these are for heavy rotation. Ordered this bundle months ago but my order never reached me (seems that Postal delivery managed to lose my package) but now these beauties are here with me. Deep bow & humble thanks to Totem Cat Record for sending a replacement package even though this wasn’t TCR’s fault. Here we have a band whose music I will never be tired of listening to. Filthy, crude, dangerous but yet so beautiful. Can’t even wait for that newest one to arrive (and really hoping  that it will arrive safely into my arms). Awesome band & record label!

A few words about the year 2016 (and some listing..)


The past year has been very tough, and I am not just talking about the death of our beloved cat. A large concern for the world’s political conflicts, wars, climate issues etc. Even though these issues affect our everyday lives, this is a blog about vinyl records & music. Let’s keep it that way.

One of the coolest things that I have noticed is the fact that more and more retailers, record companies etc. have begun to use corner-protected mailers. During the past 5-6 years I have written about packaging & shipping more than once and nowadays blog post about these issues are becoming rarer. Nice.

Other thing is that maybe I have finally realized that I can’t afford to buy every record released, even though it hurts my heart. Just want to thank STB Records & Richard Houghten for those free records, it means a lot me.

During the past year I have bought very interesting records (in my opinion) and found myself purchasing more and more records from these small, DIY companies (STB Records, DHU Records, Poisoned Mind Records, Totem Cat Records etc.). I have found myself holding treasures in my hands, crying after diamonds I have missed. It’ a life of the collector, music lover.

I do not like listing my purchases, I love every damn record I have bought but here’s a list of those records I have listened most (according to app on my phone). These are not in any particular order, these are just records I have listened more than others. Oh, outside of this list is Bloomypetal’s (Richard Houghten) seven-inch “Open Horizon” that is my favourite little one!

Dälek ‎– Asphalt For Eden LP (Profound Lore, 2016)


Lightsabres – Hibernation LP (HeviSike, 2016)


R.I.P. – In The wind 2xLP (Totem Cat Records, 2016)


Cloud Cover – Mirror Me LP (Disposable America, 2016)


Conan – Revengeance LP (Napalm Records, 2016)


Dead Sea Apes – Soy Dios 12″ (Cardinal Fuzz/Sky Lantern Records, 2016)


Oransi Pazuzu – Värähtelijä LP (Svart Records/20 Buck Spin, 2016)


Trappist Afterland – God’s Good Earth LP (Sunstone, 2016)


MAKE – Pilgrimage of Loathing LP (Accident Prone Records, 2016)


Domkraft – The End of Electricity LP (Magnetic Eye Records, 2016)


The Caretaker ‎– Everywhere At The End Of Time LP (The History Always Favours The Winners, 2016)


Goya – Obelisk 2xLP (STB Records, 2016)


Haunted – s/t LP (Twin Earth Records, 2016)


Ø ‎– Kantamoinen 2xLP (Boomkat Editions, 2016)


no clips.

Horseback – Dead Ringers LP (Relapse, 2016)


Wolfmen Of Mars ‎– The Witch, The Goat & The Malevolent Spirit LP (Poisoned Mind Records, 2016)


Seabuckthorn ‎– They Haunted Most Thickly LP (Bookmaker Records, 2016)


Départe ‎– Failure, Subside 2xLP (Season of Mist, 2016)


Western Skies Motel ‎– Settlers LP (Lost Tribe Sound, 2016)


Youngblood Supercult ‎– High Plains 2xLP (DHU Records, 2016)


Zeal And Ardor ‎– Devil Is Fine LP (Reflections Records, 2016)