Sabbat: Dreamweaver LP


Had to put this one here too. Sabbat (thrash band from UK) was and still is one of my favorite trash metal bands ever. For some this is just an ancient metal band from the past but with Bolt Thrower this band shaped my youth a lot. This “relic” has been on my wantlist for ages and now I had a opportunuty to purchase it with decent prize tag placed on the cover. Awesome album!!

Turbo: Last Warrior LP


And this beauty I picked up earlier today from post office. I crew up with speed/trash/death/grind metal and I clearly remember how amazed I was when I came across with this band for the first time and specially with this record, Last Warrior. This Polish band played trash metal with heart. I loved the album cover art and the tunes. Then I crew old and became boring. But now that mistake is corrected and I can hold this long-lost friend in my hands once again (till the end). I bought this from Discogs and this was shipped secured & fast and I’m happy. Aaaahhhh…

“Ages show in his face
He is scared like no one else
Warrior heart made of steel
He’s got an iron will..”