Those Poor Bastards: Evil Seeds LP (marbled green with bone splatter)


Whatam! And here we got one miserable record. Latest from my favorite country duo. Dark and hopeless is Those Poor Bastards path, as it has always been. I have been a fan of TPB for years and one thing is for sure, overwhelming despondency. Great record and still available via Tribulation Recording Co. I missed the most limited color variation but have to say that this “poisoned” one looks awesome. Oh, and check out their “Satan is Watching” t-shirt (the best print shirt I have ever had).


Those Poor Bastards: Inhuman Nature LP (magenta/black)

Never enough poor bastards.. Well, latest one from Those Poor Bastards, called Inhuman Nature. Some of you may know that for years I’ve been a fan of this darkened country act. These miserable characters still manage to bring some good old sadness under this sunless evening. Not the most limited version of this record, picture disc was limited to 100 pcs (not my thing), but I chose this color variation just because it looks kinda nice. This magenta/black version is limited to 200 copies and sadly this is also sold out by now. But hey, if you find these poor bastardos interesting enough you still can pick some other color variations from the source, Tribulation Recordings Co.