weeks 10, 11 & 12 – silence..

Oh dear.. bad luck rides on the wheel. Lately I’ve been very busy at work etc. and that’s why there has been this is gap with my blog postings. Excuses, maybe I just have been little lazy more or less. Riding Easy announced Monolod’s next album last week and I somehow managed to miss the whole thing.. damn. But let’s see what else we got here.. And thanks to those who have sent me some recommendations & tips, those are always welcome!


Forcefield Records $15.00 + shipping
Lately this one has been on top of my playlist. I just love this darkened folk/country debut from Dorthia. Only thing is that this is too expensive item for me to purchase (and with this I mean shipping costs)

THE MOTH – And Then Rise LP (125 copies on clear/black splatter vinyl)
This Charming Man Records €14.90 + shipping
This release sounds very interesting. Doomed sludge/stoner,yes! Couldn’t find any samples from this upcoming album but here’s some clip from some earlier release.

MAAILMA – Speculum LP
Motljud €22.00 + shipping
I have also spent some serious time with this album, experimental-minimal-gothic-folk.. and this seems to be available from Cardinal Fuzz, sooner or later

MATTI BYE – Faro (soundtrack) LP
Motljud €16.00 + shipping
And because of Maailma I came across with this soundtrack by Matti Bye. This has been released few years ago but so what. Damn this is beautiful!

EKRANOPLAN – s/t 12″ (100 copies on black, white splattered vinyl)
Narshardaa €10.00 + shipping
Some sickened way I love also this one. Doomed/crusted sludge metal

36 – Sine Dust 12″
3six Recordings £10.00 + shipping
Once again awesome droned ambient release from 36. Few copies left..

BandCamp $21.99 + shipping
hmm.. little harder stuff here.. not bad at all though

POW! – Fight Fire LP (gold lace edition)
Castle Face Records $18.00 + shipping
And this is really good one. So good that Castle Face UK has sold this out already,damn.

FOGH DEPOT – s/t (150 copies on silver vinyl)
Denovali €17.00 + shipping
And then some darkened experimental jazz vibes from Russia..

RICARDO DONOSO – Saravá Exu LP (150 copies on clear vinyl)
Denovali €17.00 + shipping
Darkened ambient, very crushing atmosphere here.. and I love it!