week 42 – Kicking against the pricks..

Lately I have been thinking of limiting a little this record hoarding.. Well, actually I did not mean limiting it like this. Latest order arrived in the beginning of last week.. I really hope that next few weeks will be more giving..

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS  – vinyl re-issues
Damn, I suddenly came across this news yesterday. There are few albums I have been after for a long, long time.. Maybe everyone already knew about these re-issues but I did not so that’s why I’m posting this joyful news here today

27th October 2014
From Her To Eternity LP
The Firstborn Is Dead LP
Your Funeral… My Trial 2xLP

17th November 2014
Nocturama 2xLP
Abattoir Blues / The Lyre Of Orpheus 2xLP
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! 2xLP

24th November 2014
Kicking Against The Pricks LP

The below seven albums will be re-released on vinyl in 2015:
Tender Prey LP
The Good Son LP
Henry’s Dream LP
Let Love In LP
Murder Ballads LP
The Boatman’s Call LP
No More Shall We Part LP

These are available to pre-order from Cave’s website. I am after those four last one (now I have a chance to get my dirty, hairy hands on these jewels.. at last (original copies are far too expensive for me to purchase).

COLORLIST, HAUSCHKA & NEST from Serein webstore
Colorlist – Sky Song LP (ltd. 100) £12.60 + shipping
Hauschka – Youyoume 10″ (ltd. 500) £4.00 + shipping
Nest – Body Pilot 10″ (ltd. 500) £4.00 + shipping
Well, as you can see those prices for ten-inches are quite reasonable. So, if you are after great sounding ambien etc. you know where to visit, Serein.

M. GEDDES GENGRAS – Collected Works Vol. 2 LP (ltd. 350 copies on cian opaque vinyl)
Thrill Jockey $17.00 + shipping
I missed the Vol.1 and limited red colored vinyl but this one I will not miss.Nice one, indeed.

MENACE RUINE – Venus Armata LP
Sige Records $TBA  + shipping
One of my favorite bands and I’m really looking to get my hands on this beauty. Sige is going to release this on vinyl, soon.

AL CISNEROS – Empty Tomb / Sepulcher Dub 7″ (patch version limited to 100 copies)
Samatarian Press $35.00 + shipping
Awesome looking/sounding package, total pressing is 1000 copies but there is this variant with “Samatarian Press” patch, why not go for this because it’s just $5 more..

BUFFALO TOOTH – Gardeners of the Devil’s Lettuce LP (ltd. 500 copies on white with black splatter)
Captcha Records $TBA + shipping
This is going to be released on next Monday (10/21714) and Captcha announced that there’s not going to be any pre-order thing around it. This quite nice sounding dirty “Punk’n’Roll” debut will certainly have place in my collection.

AVARUUSKORPRAALI PAHA HIRVI – Yöhoitajan Maailmasta LP (ltd. 200 copies on black vinyl) 
BandCamp €16.00 + shipping
Weird space-psychedelic-prog rock from Finland. I’ve been listening this every morning on my way to work..

VARG – Gravrösens Bortglömda Band 12″ (ltd. 100 copies)
Semantica €10.00 + shipping
Electronic/Ambient/Techno, whatever and sounds so gooood.. I just suggest you to check out also other releases this company has released, great electronic stuff.

Yes, I know that there are billions of other awesome releases but these are just ones I came across this week. Oh, I visited local secondhand store today (they also have new items as well) and when checking out their prices I found out that their pricing is nowadays based on prices in Discogs.. (highest prices). I also held that Shellac’s newest album on my hands but €25 is way too much for me because I can get that album even cheaper from abroad.