Last weekly list (or what it was called) & I’ll see you on the other side (Facebook)

For now this will be my last so-called “weekly list” here on this blog (been too lazy writing down all interesting records & bands) but do not worry I’ll continue this list on facebook, yes you read it right, Vinyl Diaries can now be found from that source too. Have to admit that linking interesting records & bands is much easier on that platform. Just go check it out if you are interested.. But hey, this blog will keep on going. Just adding here those records I have managed to purchase :) 

CHRIS TENZ – Nails Through Bird Feet 12″/7″/cassette (limited to 200 copies)
Slowank £15.00 (+ shipping)
Pure gold, experimental, lo-fi, ambient & folk.. YES!

GOLDMUND – Sometimes LP
Western Vinyl $19-35 (shipping included) will be available on January
well, not much to say about this one, I just gonna purchase this.

MONDO DRAG – The Occultation Of Light LP (test press, limited to 30 copies)
Riding Easy Records $40.00 (+shipping)
This is available right now!

FABRIZIO PATERLINI – Live in Bratislava 2xLP (limited to 300 copies)
BandCamp €30.00 (+ shipping)
Awesome pianist is this gentleman, buy his records

CONTACT FIELD ORCHESTRA – Mapping The Futures Gone By 10″ (ltd. 200)
Hit+Run Records $13.99 (+ shipping)
Haunting percussion, experimental, beauty

YURI GAGARIN – At The Center Of All Infinity LP
Motljud TBA
This should be available in the beginning of next week, Limited to 500 copies (most limited is on splattered vinyl and limited to 100 copies)
Beautiful instrumental space rock album from this Swedish group

BandCamp AUD $25.00 (+ shipping)
Quite nice sounding swamp/blues/garage/rock album from Australia.

RYAN BOLDT – Broadside Ballads LP
BandCamp CAD $25.00 (+ shipping)
Damn good sounding folk/country record..

LUBOMYR MELNYK – Rivers and Streams LP (clear)
Erased Tapes £21.99 (+ shipping)
And we know how this gentleman treats his instrument, awesome pianist.

PHIL COLLINS – My Heart’s In My Hand, And My Hand Is Pierced, And My Hand’s In The Bag, And The Bag Is Shut, And My Heart Is Caught 2xLP (colored)
Nero €30.00-45.00 (shipping included)
Very interesting collection of very interesting soundscapes..

CONAN – Revengeance LP (silver, limited to 200 copies)
Napalm Records €20.99 (+ shipping)
Hmm.. upcoming one from Conan.. pressed on silver-colored vinyl.. Orange/black splattered one seems also damn good (limited to 300 copies)


Yes I would, if I only could.. buy all these records

Strange, second week without any arriving packages.. having some serious withdrawal symptoms…

CHRCH – Unanswered Hymns LP (ltd. 300) 
Battleground Records $18.00 (+ shipping)
Nice one if you like doomed sludge-death-metal, like I do.

MUTE FOREST – Deforestation LP (ltd. 300)
Lost Tribe Sound $25.00 (+ shipping)
Yes, one of my wish list items. Beautiful sounding record full of experimental, droned, ambient, folk etc.

NEST EGG – Respectable LP 
Bathetic Records $15.00 (+ shipping)
Been listening this a lot, psychedelic-kraut-experimental-album

MÖBIUS – The Magic  Of Macabre LP (ltd. 300 on red wax)
BandCamp €14.50 (+ shipping)
Instrumental doomed sludge one, this is also nice.. with awesome cover art.. me-like-it-very-many.

TWINK – Dust Bunny LP (colored))
IndieGoGo Gampaign to release this “toytronica” album, from $1.00 to $70.00
Never ever heard music like this is, “Toytronica”, music box, toy piano, electronic.. etc. I LOVE THIS! Shame on me that I missed that version with bling blohg cards.. And hey, that cover art, it’s amazing!

AUN – Fiat Lux LP (ltd. 250 on blue/grey splattered vinyl)
BandCamp $18.00 (+ shipping)
Once again great record from this Canadian duo, AUN, performing their darkened drone-ambient

RICHARD HOUGHTEN – Sonata De Grillo LP (ltd. 100 on colored vinyl)
Bloomypetal $23.00 (+ shipping)
Folktronica might be the best word to describe this one..

HALMA – Granular LP (ltd. 300 on black, 100 on colored vinyl)
Kapitaen Platte €14.00 (+ shipping)
Never heard of this band until now, and I’m so sold. Instrumental, slowcore, post-rock or something

DROWNING HORSE – Sheltering Sky 2xLP (ltd. 250) 
Art As Catharsis AUD $30.00 (+ shipping)
Doomed drone metal from Australia. I missed their debut and learned my lesson!


week.. 32 and my so called weekly list

Been a while again but here I am with a brand new list. Maybe you can find something interesting from this list too.


ELEPHANT9 WITH REINE FISKE: Silver Mountain 2xLP (ltd. 150 copies on white vinyl)
Rune Grammofon
NOK249.00 (+ shipping)
Nice one, crossover jazzz..

WEEDPECKER – II LP (100 copies on opaque white wax)
Pink Tank Records
€20.00 (+shipping)
hmm.. stoner straight from Poland.. yeah!

SWEAT LODGE – Talismana (tri-colored “Spirit Warrior” edition, limited to 100 copies)
Ripple Music
$30.00 (+ shipping)
Heavy-hitting hard rock and hey, their debut album!!

PRURIENT – Frozen Niagara Falls 3xLP (White)
Profound Lore Records
CAD from $40.99 to $67.99 (depends where you live, shipping included)
I thought that there was only black version of this colossal 3xLP but suddenly this white colored has popped up from somewhere..

BEDROOM REHAB CORPORATION – Fortune Some 12″ EP (colored)
$15.00 (+ shipping)
“When all you’ve got is a Hammer It becomes all you need ..”

Ba Da Bing Records
$16.00 (+ shipping)
Folk, experimental kind and what a picture on the cover.. :D

SPELLJAMMER – Ancient of Days LP (various versions available)
Riding Easy Records
from $15.00 up to $65.00 (+ shipping)
And more stoner, this time from Sweden!

XISCO ROJO – You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley LP
€12.00 (+ shipping)
Excellent reminder how guitar should be treated!

HOPE DRONE – Cloak Of Ash 2xLP (Relapse 25th Anniversary Silver)
$24.99 (+ shipping)
then we have this one I couldn’t pass by.. experimental black metal..

from $20.00 up to $45.00 (+ shipping)
Beautiful, even though there’s only one song free to listen on their bandcamp site, some kind of dreamy folk or something..

 It’s tennis time!

dead tennis

Week.. well, anyways, here’s the list of some interesting ones..

My listing of some interesting releases. That Art Zoyd’s repress was on this list but for some reason it’s not anymore. Awesome record though.


NADJA & VAMPILLIA – Imperfection LP (ltd. 75 copies on colored vinyl, hand-numbered)
Throne Records €12.00 (+ shipping)
Drone, drone, experimental, awesome, beauty..

ROSY FINCH – Witchboro LP (colored)
Burning World Records €18.00 (+ shipping)
Very interesting stoner/sludge/whatever release.. hmm

OAK – Beyond Oblivion (ltd. 100 copies on splatter vinyl)
Motljud €24.00 (+ shipping)
There’s something here..  post-space-psychedelic-stoner-rock

Boomkat £16.99 (+ shipping)
Initial copies on colored vinyl. Experimental droned soundscapes..

CIO D’OR – All in All 2xLP (ltd. 100 copies on clear vinyl)
Semantica €20.00 (+ shipping)
I’m sold. Experimental electronic, ambient, with some haze of darkness lurking somewhere on the background. Hell Yeah!

SPURV – Skarntyde LP
BandCamp NOK 200 kr. (+ shipping)
This is how you play post-rock, instrumental post-rock. Pure love..

GRUSOM – Grusom (marbled) LP
Kozmik Artifactz €23.00 (+ shipping)
What, what? Great sounding retro-blues-rock!

GALVANO – Trail Of The Serpent LP (cold with black haze)
Pelagic Records €17.00 (+ shipping)
Nice stoner/sludge explosion, I like this one (you don’t have to)

Domino £25.00 (+ shipping)
Norman Records £24.99 (+ shipping) + bonus CD (if you act fast)
At last, something new from one of my all time favorite bands !!!!

C H R I S T – TOWER 12″
l’oeil du tigre $12.00 (+ shipping)
Came across with this one while checking out that latest from THISQUIETARMY. Experimental, drone, ambient, noise, darkness and I just love this one!

 Tadaa! That’s all folks! For now :)


week 24 – long time, no see..

And once again it has been a little while since my last weekly list but here we are again with some releases I find interesting..


HILDE MARIE HOLSEN – Ask LP (ltd. 200 copies)
Hubro (NOK) kr. 139,- (+ shipping)
This is how trumpet should be used.. love.

HIDDEN RIVERS – Where Moss Grows LP
Serein £16.00 (+ shipping)
Once again beautiful ambient record released by Serein

LIGHTSABRES – Beheaded LP (pre-order 27.6.2015)
STB Records TBA
BigCartel TBA
Third album of this awesome garage/stoner/punk artist will see the light of the day soon.. 27.06.2015! Be warned!

THISQUIETARMY – Anthems For Catharsis LP
Stashed Goods £13.00 (+ shipping)
TQA Records $15.00 (+ shipping)
Aaargghhh.. I’m in love again! I do not even remember how many records from this artist I own but there’s always room for another brilliant record!!

Calostro Recordings €15.99 (+ shipping)
TQA Records $17.00 (+ shipping)
what, what.. how come I have missed this one? Spaced kraut/drone/shoegazing.. something

TAMAN SHUD – Viper Smoke LP
BandCamp £11.00 (+ shipping)
Psychedelid/garage/punk/whatever from UK and I love this one, it sounds evil..

CELER – Jima LP (ltd. 100 copies on sea blue vinyl)
Stashed Goods £16.00 (+ shipping)
Beautiful ambient.. surprisingly from Celer

OMMADON – Empathy For The Wicked LP
Golden Mantra £14.00 (+ shipping)
I couldn’t find any sound clips of this new one but check out their previous works.. Droned & doomed is the path they follow..

PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT – Black Magic Man 10″ (white/swamp green ltd. 100 copies)
BandCamp €15.00 (+ shipping)
Taxi Driver Records €15.00 (+ shipping)
hmm.. not bad psych/occult rock at all

KINK GONG – Tanzania LP (ltd. 500)
Cargo Records £12.99 (+ shipping)
Latest vinyl release from Laurent Jeanneau and field recordings is the thing.

 And that’s all for now. Until the next time :)


weeks 20 & 21 – and few days more


I have been very lazy with this blog recently just because I have spent most of my time at work, and all the spare time has been filled with beer & good company. I even managed to sew this demonic bag patch on my jacket with my bloody fingers.. But let’s get to the point.


LOCRIAN – Infinite Dissolution LP (ltd. 250 copies on silver-colored vinyl)
BandCamp $18.99 (+ shipping) / Relapse €15.99 (+ shipping)
Locrian, what else you need to know? No soundclips available this moment but you can check the teaser of the album here

SEABUCKTHORN – They Haunted Most Thickly LP (ltd.300)
Bookmaker Records €17.00 (including shipping)
Psychedelic acoustic folk? Well, sounds quite amazing anyways

PYRIT – Ufo LP (ltd.300)
Bookmaker Records €17.00 (including shipping)
And another nice sounding release from Bookmaker Records..

TENNESSEE JET – s/t LP (three variants, each limited to 100 copies)
Fonoflo $26.70 – 36.70 (+ shipping)
Yep, I like this one, a lot

KULT OF THE WIZARD – The White Wizard 12″ (ltd. 100 on blue vinyl)
Reflections Records €15.00 (+ shipping)
Hey, this is nice one. Stoner/sludge/doomed/rock twelve-inch.

PETRELS – Flailing Tomb LP (ltd. 150 copies on olive-green vinyl)
Denovali €17.00 (+ shipping)
Just listen..

ULAAN PASSERINE – Light In Dust 10″ (ltd. 150)
Worstward Records $17.00 (+ shipping)
nice, nice, nice, better, nice, nice, must have..

PRETTY LIGHTNING – A Magic Lane Of Light And Rain LP (ltd. 100 copies on splattered vinyl)
Greatest Hits Mailorder €23.00 (+ shipping)
Now that Cardinal Fuzz has sold out all versions of this awesome psych blues album.. you still can find copies from this location :D

And then some nice re-issues..

ELECTRIC WIZARD – Dopethrone 2xLP (100 copies on clear vinyl)
Rise Above Records £24.00 (+ shipping)
Latest pressing (2015) of this awesome record, various colorways available too (but you already knew this?)

ELECTRIC WIZARD – Come My Fanatics 2xLP (100 copies on clear vinyl)
Rise Above Records £24.00 (+ shipping)
And this one too, latest pressing (2015) and you already knew this, am I right?

UNITED NATIONS – United Nations (Deluxe Reissue) LP
Temporary Residence $20.00 (+ shipping)
I suggest you to visit Temporary’s webstore and check out the story behind this one. Awesome band and hilarious reissue of their debut album. Oh, and check out that tote bag :D

week 19 – waiting for the sun…

Weekly list has not been that weekly lately but I’m trying, I’m trying :D


TEMPEL – The Moon Lit Our Path 2xLP (on clear vinyl, limited to 200 copies)
Prosthetic Records €22.99 (+ shipping)
BandCamp $26.00 (+ shipping)
Oh, second one from this instrumental metal band. Must have.

STONEBIRDS – Into The Fog…And The Filthy Air LP (ltd. 100, red/black marbled vinyl)
Pink Tank Records €16.00 (+ shipping)
Hey, how come I haven’t heard of this band before? Quite nice indeed.

LIBIDO FUZZ – Kaleido Lumo Age LP (ltd. 100, clear/red splatter vinyl)
Pink Tank Records €16.00 (+ shipping)
And yet another nice release from the same label. Yes!!

BEN CHATWIN – The Sleeper Awakes LP
BandCamp £15.00 (+ shipping)
And then we come to this awesome artist (also knows as Talvihorros), experimental ambient & drone. Awesome!

STEVE VON TILL – A Life Unto Itself Vinyl LP (black or red vinyl)
Neurot Recordings $18.00 – 20.00 (+ shipping)
This gentleman here needs no introduction. This is his latest solo LP

CHELSEA WOLFE – Abyss 2xLP (few color options..)
HelloMerch $23.99 – 25.99 (+ shipping)
You can now pre-order her upcoming album, release date is on August though..

RETRIBUTION BODY – Aokigahara LP (initial copies on clear wax)
Boomkat £13.99 (+ shipping)
Very interesting sounding drone/dark ambient release
Clips are available at Boomkat’s website.

GOYA – Nothin’ But Dead Stuff 7″ EP (various colors etc.)
STB Records from $8.00 to 30.00 (+ shipping)
Pure STB quality available later today, three color variations with some extra stuff available

DoctoR DooM – s/t 7″ EP (various colors etc.)
STB Records from $8.00 to $30.00 (+ shipping)
And another quality release from the same source, three color variations with some extra stuff..

SARA MITRA – Losing You LP
Impossible Ark Records £12.50 (+ shipping)
Then we got this one, there’s some jazz etc. and her voice which is amazing.. Still thinking of purchasing this one.. damn!


week 17 – aaarrgghhh…

Been a little while.. Actually I have been little pissed off with this RSD2015.. I tried to grab a copy of that Red House Painters box set, and what a waste of time it was. To this part of the world landed  about three sets and those were gone within minutes. I even tried to grab the box set few days ago but skipped also that because of horrible shipping costs (nearly 30 pounds..). Then I got this great idea to pre-order those upcoming reissues on black vinyl just to found out that 4AD no longer sell physical or digital products to customers in the European Union.. whaaaaaaaat!?



ANAMAI – Swallows LP
Buzz Records $20.00 (+shipping)
is this droned ambient/folk or what? Really don’t care because this sounds awesome!

PRETTY LIGHTNING – A Magic Lane Of Light and Rain LP (various colors)
Cardinal Fuzz £11.00 – 13.00 (+ shipping)

ANTLERS – A Gaze Into The Abyss LP (Gold)
Vendetta Records €12.00 (+ shipping)
Don’t know but I have been listening this blackened album for few days now and still I like it a lot.

BandCamp $15.00 (+ shipping)
Damn good sounding stoner! Self-released US version available straight from the band. EU version will be released by Kozmik Artifactz later this Spring.

DUNE PILOT – Wetlands LP (red, ltd. 130)
BandCamp $16.00 (+ shipping)
Yep, more deserted stoner that is worth to listen!

AUN – Fiat Lux LP
Cyclic Law $20.00 (+ shipping)
Dark, droned ambient “Let there be light, from light will come darkness..” hell yeah!!

ISASA – Las Cosas LP (colored vinyl)
La Castanya €12.00 (+ shipping)
For us who love acoustic guitars.. nice one!

KUBA KAPSA ENSEMBLE – Vantdraught 10 Vol. 1 (bronze vinyl, ltd. 150)
Denovali €17.00 (+ shipping)
Surprisingly Denovali is putting out some outstanding albums.. Once again.. Violins, cello, piano.. what can go wrong?.

Golden Antenna €15.00 (+ shipping)
Colored copies are already gone but so what! Sounds awesome, dark & heavy!

BOSSE-DE-NAGE – All Fours 2xLP (red)
The Flenser $24.00 (+ shipping)
Well, could be little hard to chew for some but for me this sounds quite nice..

Oh, I have this obsession also for patches as seen on the picture below.. some links to follow if you are interested Daggers For Teeth, Death, Hell & The Grave, Nine Lives..


week 14 – and suddenly I came across with a punch of lovely records..

As said in the header, it’s been a nice week even though I missed that Die Hard version Riding Easy announced earlier this week (well, second missed one within few weeks..)


Quietdesign $15.00 (+ shipping)
How come I have never heard about this artist before? Beautiful sounding minimalistic ambient.. And hey, this album has been released 5 years ago..

DARIUS – Grain 2xLP
Hummus Records BigCartel CHF.25.00 (+ shipping)
Hummus Records BandCamp CHF 25.00 (+ shipping)
This one sounds quite amazing, instrumental post-something but I like it!

THE LEFT OUTSIDES – The Shape Of Things To Come LP (ltd.300)
Dawn Bird Records £15.00 (+ shipping)
hey, this is one of those must buy items for me. beautiful folk release

BLOOMYPETAL – 1983/Irish Jiggling 7″ (ltd. 60 hand-cut records)
BandCamp $15.00 (+ shipping)
New one from Bloomypetal (Richard Houghten). Folktronica is the thing!

ACID KING – Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere LP (ltd.200 copies on “Tiger Splatter” vinyl)
Svart Records €23.00 (+ shipping)
Oh, I nearly missed this one :)

SÓLSTAFIR ‎– Köld 2xlp (repress on transparent yellow vinyl, ltd. 300)
Svart Records €22.00 (+ shipping)
Finally there’s repress available from this awesome record!

MY SLEEPING KARMA – Moksha 2xLP (Ganesha edition, ltd. 100 copies on lilac vinyl)
Napalm Records €39.99 (+ shipping)
New one from this instrumental psych/stoner group, and this limited edition comes with some extra items..

TESA – Ghost 2xLP (ltd. 300)
Skyr €25.00 (+ shipping)
Folk/Indie/Punk record from Latvia :) (as described on BandCamp by Skyr..)
Actually this is more like post rock/sludge or something..

Zeal Records €19.00 (EU) & €24.79 for rest of the world (shipping included)
Beautiful ambient release..

Oscarson €20.00 (+ shipping)
Oh, last but not least this beauty

Yep, that’s all for now.


weeks 10, 11 & 12 – silence..

Oh dear.. bad luck rides on the wheel. Lately I’ve been very busy at work etc. and that’s why there has been this is gap with my blog postings. Excuses, maybe I just have been little lazy more or less. Riding Easy announced Monolod’s next album last week and I somehow managed to miss the whole thing.. damn. But let’s see what else we got here.. And thanks to those who have sent me some recommendations & tips, those are always welcome!


Forcefield Records $15.00 + shipping
Lately this one has been on top of my playlist. I just love this darkened folk/country debut from Dorthia. Only thing is that this is too expensive item for me to purchase (and with this I mean shipping costs)

THE MOTH – And Then Rise LP (125 copies on clear/black splatter vinyl)
This Charming Man Records €14.90 + shipping
This release sounds very interesting. Doomed sludge/stoner,yes! Couldn’t find any samples from this upcoming album but here’s some clip from some earlier release.

MAAILMA – Speculum LP
Motljud €22.00 + shipping
I have also spent some serious time with this album, experimental-minimal-gothic-folk.. and this seems to be available from Cardinal Fuzz, sooner or later

MATTI BYE – Faro (soundtrack) LP
Motljud €16.00 + shipping
And because of Maailma I came across with this soundtrack by Matti Bye. This has been released few years ago but so what. Damn this is beautiful!

EKRANOPLAN – s/t 12″ (100 copies on black, white splattered vinyl)
Narshardaa €10.00 + shipping
Some sickened way I love also this one. Doomed/crusted sludge metal

36 – Sine Dust 12″
3six Recordings £10.00 + shipping
Once again awesome droned ambient release from 36. Few copies left..

BandCamp $21.99 + shipping
hmm.. little harder stuff here.. not bad at all though

POW! – Fight Fire LP (gold lace edition)
Castle Face Records $18.00 + shipping
And this is really good one. So good that Castle Face UK has sold this out already,damn.

FOGH DEPOT – s/t (150 copies on silver vinyl)
Denovali €17.00 + shipping
And then some darkened experimental jazz vibes from Russia..

RICARDO DONOSO – Saravá Exu LP (150 copies on clear vinyl)
Denovali €17.00 + shipping
Darkened ambient, very crushing atmosphere here.. and I love it!


week 9 – week of the lizards..

Week went by relatively fast. Been listening little darker music lately (well, might have something to do with my work). Nice releases been popping up during the past week and here’s some kind of list of interesting ones..


YELLOW EYES – Stillicide 12″ (single-sided)
Underground Soundscapes (EU) €20.00 (+ shipping)
Sibir Records (US) $16.00 (+ shipping)
Yes, new release from this blackened metal outfit!

FVNERALS – The Light LP (on transparent black splattered vinyl, ltd. 75 copies)
Throne Records €12.00 (+ shipping)
Ethereal, post-rocking, shoegazing, droned beauty..

VILLAGES – Procession Acts LP
Bathetic Records $15.00 (+ shipping)
holy hell! First time heard this band and I’m in love.. dark..
Just Check out that tune on Bathetic’s site.

Bathetic Records $15.00 (+ shipping)
Different way to play guitar.. nice
Check out how it is done on Bathetic’s site
And hey, You can order both, VILLAGES & TASHI DORJI, albums
as bundled and save some dollars!

RHINOCERVS – RH 11 LP (111 copies on grey vinyl)
Final Agony $16.50 (+ shipping)
This is a dark blackened metal album and I just love it!
There’s also test pressing available if some one is after those..

VATICAN SHADOW – Death Is Unity With God 2xLP (colored)
Boomkat £15.99 (+ Shipping)
New one from this industrial/electronic/techno artist. Initial
copies comes on colored vinyl.

SATURNDUST – s/t LP (Die hard ltd. 50 copies & pre-order starts March 7th)
Helmet Lady Records $40.00 (+ shipping)
There will be various versions available but I myself will go for this
Die Hard version. Brazilian space/psych/doom band

KRENG – L’Autopsie Phénoménale de Dieu & Grimoire LP’s (re-presses)
Anost has these both available to order now.
L’Autopsie €15.99 and Grimoire €15.99
II’m going for these obviously :)


week 8 – weird week indeed…

Some may have noticed that I did not update my blog during the last week. There’s a simple reason for that, I did not receive any LP’s and that is quite frightening for me as a collector :D

Anyways, I missed that Sumac album last week but managed to purchase that latest split album (Die Hard version) from STB records. Seems that STB is also releasing upcoming album from Lightsabres in the near future, awesome!!


BLOWN OUT – Jet Black Hallucinations LP
Golden Mantra £14.00 (+ shipping)
Psychedelic space rock. I really like this one a lot and even
the cover image looks awesome

ALEX COBB – Chantepleure LP (first 50 copies include a cassette)
Students Of Decay US $24.00 / CAN $31.00 / WORLD $38.00
Beautiful drone/ambient album from this gentleman..

VIO/MIRÈ – You Will Be Spending Time Outdoors, In The Mountains, Near Water LP
BandCamp $18.00 (+ shiping)
Actually this is damn good folk/pop/chamber album. Damn.

CRAANG – To The Estimated Size of The Universe LP (transparent yellow, limited to 100 copies)
Hevisike Records £16.00 (+ shipping)
Fuzzed psychedelic space rock yeaahhhh..

93MILLIONMILESFROMTHESUN – Towards The Light LP (ltd. 200 & colored vinyl)
BandCamp £11.00 (+ shipping)
Ifuuzzed/droned shoegazing..