Merlin: Christkiller LP (special edition by Poisoned Mind Records)

merlin - 01

Haaa.. I had a possibility to purchase this album and glad that I did. Even though this is a repress (I do not usually purchase reissues..) I had to have this one. Originally this album has been released by the band itself and pressings have been quite limited, first press limited to 10 lathe cut 2xLP’s and a second run of 10 lathe cut 2xLP’s called “Fuck RSD edition”… Nice job from Poisoned Mind Records to put this damn good sounding stoner-western-space-sludge album. This version is limited to 76 copies and surprisingly sold out already. But don’t worry, there are still purple/white colored version (limited to 100 copies) and purple marbled version (limited to 125 copies) available from Poisoned Mind Records. Recommended one!

merlin - 03

Henryspenncer: Saturn LP


At this point (while I’m listening these tunes), I find this record very interesting, mostly because its outstanding mixture of post-rock, folk, drone, deserted blues, western psychedelic cosmic space rock.. Did I mentioned everything yet? The point is that this works for me! And I’m really glad that I purchased this album also (it took just one track to hear). This is limited to 200 copies and is available from Trips und Träume. Get Your copy while there are some available. Once again, choice is Yours, this is mine.