Goat: Requiem 2xLP (red/yellow)


This was the very last record that I got last year (arrived  on Friday 30.12.2016). Goat’s latest album that I skipped earlier just because there was too many records on my wishlist at that time. Well, now I got this one just because Rocket Recordings got some copies available again and I had to snag a copy. I’m happy with this one, like I’m with those previous two albums. I know that this album needs some time, it’s like an old friend you haven’t seen for a while.. This color variation is limited to 1000 copies (can we even use word “limited” in this case) and it’s quite obvious that this variation is little hard to find.. or not. Nice one, indeed!

Kumea Sound: Real Music For Unreal Times LP


Speechless.. never heard of this instrument (cupola) Lauri Wuolio is playing on this record, but it sounds way too mesmerizing to even exist. This record floats somewhere beyond ambient & world music, and I can’t find words to describe it. Just check out what Lauri himself has to say about his instrument. Limited to 300 copies and I honestly recommend this, one of my best discoveries via BandCamp, ever. Available from the source, Kumea Sound’s BC page. Check the video below..

Stefan Christoff & Sam Shalabi: Flying Street الشارع الطيّار LP

Sam Shalabi & Stefan Christoff

New long play from this duo, Stefan/piano & Sam/oud. Like their previous release “родина“, this dialogue between these two instruments sounds.. amazing! Still I can just wonder how they do this. I don’t know anything about the limitation of this album but hey, who cares. It’s music we are talking about here. Actually I would have missed this release totally if Stefan wouldn’t have emailed me about it. Now I have this beautiful piece of vinyl here with me. Don’t know if this is still available but if you are interested, I suggest you to contact Howl Arts Collective and check out if they still have copies left to lighten your days.



Girma Yifrashewa: Love & Peace LP (colored)


Now I have to admit that I can’t remember how did I came across with this album.. But am I glad to have this. Awesome classical album played with piano from this Ethiopian composer, Girma Yifrashewa. I love music played by piano and this is truly an amazing piece. Expand your musical universe and give this one a spin, I can assure you won’t be disappointed. This is limited to 300 copies on colored & 300 copies on black vinyl. Available from Unseen Worlds. Recommended for those who share this passion for beautiful music!

Goat: Commune 5×7″ Single Boxset


Hmm.. this arrived yesterday. I don’t even know myself why I did ordered this.. I already have that limited Stranded Rekords version (Bengans Record store exlusive). Maybe I was so overwhelmed by the greatness of this commune called Goat. Anyways, this is limited to 1000 copies and still available from Bengans for $41.00 so don’t go along with all these Discogs sellers who ask higher prices from this set. Nice release though I don’t really have use for this :)

La Piramide Di Sangue: Sette LP (grey)


Got this picture from home today via mail, La Piramide Di Sangue: Sette LP has arrived (thanks to home for this). I remember that at first I rejected this album totally without even listening a tune (sometimes it goes like that). Then I came across with this album several times on several websites.. so I just had to listen what this was all about. Glad that I did. I really like this album mixed and seasoned with rock, world, psych, kraut and I can even hear some distant echoes of garage and sur… anyways, damn good album. I do not know about limitation nothing else than there are 600 copies pressed on black vinyl (according to Sound Of Cobra). Then there have to be grey copies also available.. Recommended release and available from following addresses Sound Of Cobra and Boring Machines.


p.s. I love the cover art on this album..

David Chatton Barker: MISCII -Twelve Stations 7″


This one I found on the floor, below the letterbox few hours ago (of course it was packaged nicely, it did not came like this). Interesting and strange little one indeed. Released by Folklore Tapes and that should ring some bells if wondering what kind of record this is. Hey, this is also the first official vinyl release Folklore tapes has done. Limited to 200 hand-numbered and stamped copies. Strange-heritage-folk seven inch and highly recommended, just listen. Still available from Folklore Tapes and if they run out of copies, head to Bleep.

Gordon Ashworth: S.T.L.A. LP (clear)

gordon ashworth

Woah! Just look what I got today! Awesome experimental/folk record with some banjo tunes (oh, I love that instrument). This might be the record of the year to me. There is something dark lurking beyond these tunes, embraced by hopelessness and something unknown. Post-apocalyptic folk? Soundtrack for those lonely days when you are standing on the beach, staring at the sea and hoping something to happen.. I love this record! This is limited to 250 copies on clear vinyl. There seems to be also black copies available direct from Gordon himself on his spring European tour. You can get your hands on this clear one straight from the source, Orindal Records. Highly recommended album!

Human Behavior: Golgotha LP (lavender)

human behavior

Now I’m healing my metal overdose with this beauty. Found this from BandCamp and now I find this really refreshing. The point is that I made my decision to purchase this album based on just one song,  I’m Sorry, Hosanna. And I’m very glad that I did. If you enjoy listening experimental folk/country seasoned with little goth, then this album is for you (as it’s for me too). Limited to 500 copies and seems that 100 of those are colored like this one I got. Available from band’s BandCamp site. Recommended.

Kink Gong: Voices LP

Kink Gong

Huu.. This arrived today (been waiting this quite a time). Xinjiang was awesome album and it was mainly the reason to purchase this one. Love, pure. For time to time it’s relaxing to listen sounds beyond metal. Limited to 500 copies and available from the source, Discrepant or little cheaper from Phonica Records. Only minus point was that record came horribly packed, and here is picture of it :(


hmm.. is this how to send records? Well, here’s some sounds from the album

Agnes Obel‎: Philharmonics LP

Even though there’s nothing limited or colored on this record, I ain’t gonna ever never give up this record. It’s that good.

Agnes covering Karen Dalton’s song “Katie Cruel” This tune actually is not on LP but you can found this on extended cd version of this album.