Uuuh.. little update of records I have been watching this week. Nothing that special nor so limited but interesting and worth of purchase (in my opinion) but as we know, choice is Yours.

LOREN CONNORS & CLINT HEIDORN – Light 12″ (ltd. 300, single-sided and ready to preorder) 
Family Vineyard ($20.00 + shipping)
I tweeted about this last night. I’m not familiar with Connors but this is here because of Heidorn (loved his work since his debut, Atwater).

LAWRENCE ENGLISH – Wilderness Of Mirrors LP
Boomkat (£16.99 + shipping, best choice for EU citizens)
ROOM40 ($19.00 + shipping, ships from Australia)
Well, this is ambient, experimental and IMO very dark album

hhv.de (€17.95 + shipping, EU)
Light In The Attic ($26.00 + shipping, US)
Repress of this rare, awesome (strange) album

TERENCE HANNUM – Via Negativa LP (ltd. 300 on powder blue vinyl)
Utech Records ($19.00 + shipping)
Another treasure from Terence, droned experimental cosmic journey beyond the void

TÉ – Circuitous LP
hellosQuare Recordings (AUD $25.00 + shipping)
Experimental post-rock album from this Japanese band

NOVELLER & THISQUIETARMY – Reveries LP (ltd. 500 copies on white vinyl)
Shelter Press (€15.00 + shipping, EU)
Forced Exposure ($21.00 + shipping, US)
Thisquietarmy collaborated with Noveller.. (beauty)

MAMALEEK – He Never Said a Mumblin’ Word LP (ltd. 300 copies on black vinyl)
The Flenser ($17.50 + shipping)
Strange duo performing electronic black metal or.. well, I like very much

HELADO NEGRO – Double Youth LP (hand-made, black vinyl ltd. 100 copies)
Asthmatic Kitty Records ($18.00 + shipping)
Lovely little record

TALVIHORROS – Eaten Alive (ltd. 150, swamp green/royal blue)
Denovali (€16.00 + shipping)
Only one word to describe this release, Beauty!

Hmm, that’s for this week. Of course there are millions of more interesting records floating around but these are ones I have been watching/listening/purchasing. So happy fishing for everyone!

week 29


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