I have been busy with our little puppy last one and a half week so I haven’t been following “stream of records” that intensively during this period.. but here’s some records I have my eyes on..

FRANZ KIRMANN – Meridians 2xLP (ltd. 150 on clear gold vinyl )
Denovali (€19.50 + shipping)
Cinematic, electronic music from one half of Piano Interrupted.

MATTHEW COLLINGS – Silence Is A Rhythm Too LP (ltd 150, on silver vinyl)
Denovali (€16.00 + shipping)
Interesting tunes, abstract modern classical.. or something but sounds amazing!

MATTHEW COLLINGS – Splintered Instruments LP (ltd. 150 on clear gold vinyll)
Denovali (€16.00 + shipping)
And another one from Matthew!

ENSEMBLE ECONIMIQUE – Melt Into Nothing LP (ltd. 150 on clear gold vinyl)
Denovali (€16.00 + shipping)
Been listening this artist and his previous records quite much lately so this is a must buy for me!

ALESSANDRO CORTINI – Sonno 2xLP (Initial copies on clear vinyl..)
Boomkat (£16.99 + shipping)
Easy pick for me, I already have his few records released by Important Records. I like his music a lot (even without these Nine Inch Nails connctions..)

ZU – Goodnight Civilization 12″ (single sided)
Denovali (€13.50 + shipping)
Denovali has this on their distro so why not to grab this insane avantgarde jazz mayhem?

FREE NELSON MANDOOMJAZZ – The Shape Of Doomjazz To Come/Saxophone Giganticus  2×12″
Denovali (€20.00 + shipping)
Well, doomed avant-garde jazz? Available from Denovali’s distro

CURSE THE SON – Psychache LP (ltd. 75, Die Hard edition)
STB Records ($TBA + shipping)
This will be released.. well I do not know but I’m waiting.. stoned heavy!

SPIRAL SHADES – Hypnosis Sessions LP
RidingEasy Records ($22.00 + shipping)
Well, this is pre-order item on grey vinyl. I’m going to wait for those TP & Die Hard editions myself.. when those come, I’m going to be there!!

BandCamp (£19.99 + immediate download)
British Jazz.. uuhhhhh

This was really fast update but maybe there’s also something interesting for You too. Now I’m going to spent some time outdoors with our “record destroying mayhem” (picture can be seen below)



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