It’s here! Countless mornings this record has been on my headphones on my way to work. More I listen to it, more I love it. Psychedelic-Blues-Rock played just like I love to hear it. Actually I received this album few weeks ago but there was some scratches on the vinyl so I decided to contact Steve from STB Records and today I received this replacement vinyl (really happy about this!). It’s awesome how DIY label like STB takes care of their customers, I really appreciate this kind of customer service (can’t say same about some big/major labels..). Great album & great label. Oh, seems that these Geezer albums are nearly sold out but if you’re fast enough, you might still get this hand-numbered OBI strip version (limited to 100 copies) from STB Records. Recommended!

Oh, I got some extra along this Geezer album!

curse the son

This was a great surprise because I missed this one totally when it was released. Curse The Son and their album Psychache. What can I say? Thanks Stephen/STB Records, Your label rules big time!


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