Strange, second week without any arriving packages.. having some serious withdrawal symptoms…

CHRCH – Unanswered Hymns LP (ltd. 300) 
Battleground Records $18.00 (+ shipping)
Nice one if you like doomed sludge-death-metal, like I do.

MUTE FOREST – Deforestation LP (ltd. 300)
Lost Tribe Sound $25.00 (+ shipping)
Yes, one of my wish list items. Beautiful sounding record full of experimental, droned, ambient, folk etc.

NEST EGG – Respectable LP 
Bathetic Records $15.00 (+ shipping)
Been listening this a lot, psychedelic-kraut-experimental-album

MÖBIUS – The Magic  Of Macabre LP (ltd. 300 on red wax)
BandCamp €14.50 (+ shipping)
Instrumental doomed sludge one, this is also nice.. with awesome cover art.. me-like-it-very-many.

TWINK – Dust Bunny LP (colored))
IndieGoGo Gampaign to release this “toytronica” album, from $1.00 to $70.00
Never ever heard music like this is, “Toytronica”, music box, toy piano, electronic.. etc. I LOVE THIS! Shame on me that I missed that version with bling blohg cards.. And hey, that cover art, it’s amazing!

AUN – Fiat Lux LP (ltd. 250 on blue/grey splattered vinyl)
BandCamp $18.00 (+ shipping)
Once again great record from this Canadian duo, AUN, performing their darkened drone-ambient

RICHARD HOUGHTEN – Sonata De Grillo LP (ltd. 100 on colored vinyl)
Bloomypetal $23.00 (+ shipping)
Folktronica might be the best word to describe this one..

HALMA – Granular LP (ltd. 300 on black, 100 on colored vinyl)
Kapitaen Platte €14.00 (+ shipping)
Never heard of this band until now, and I’m so sold. Instrumental, slowcore, post-rock or something

DROWNING HORSE – Sheltering Sky 2xLP (ltd. 250) 
Art As Catharsis AUD $30.00 (+ shipping)
Doomed drone metal from Australia. I missed their debut and learned my lesson!


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