Officially the first album I received this year. Nothing on the card sleeve nor labels to identify the record and it took me a little while to realize that this is DLX version of Expo ’70s latest album, Kinetic Tones. This is my second album from this artist and I have to admit that for some strange reason I have managed to skip tons of his previous releases.. and that’s a pity. I like this kosmische-experimental-drone album just because it takes you to a journey beyond time and space. Excellent drone release, in my opinion. This hand-numbered, “deluxe” version with alternative artwork is limited to 20 copies and surprisingly sold out by now. But don’t worry, there are still bronze-colored version (limited to 500 copies) available from Oaken Palace Records.

Oaken Palace Records is a charitable record label that uses all its profits to support various environmental organisations all around the world.

And Justin Wright is dedicating this record to critically endangered Flores hawk-eagle (estimated that there are less than 100 pairs remain). At least this time my money went to right place!

Flores Hawk-eagle (Craig Robson) @ www.birdquest-tours.com
Flores Hawk-eagle (Craig Robson) @ http://www.birdquest-tours.com

One thought on “Expo ’70: Kinetic Tones LP

  1. A bit like you, I could not figure out what this vinyl was at first – very obscure . Blue cover, number 12/20….

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