Here we go.. Latest from In The Company Of Serpents and this is literally crushing every bone I held on this carcass of mine. This album was one of those “must have” items for me because I missed their previous twelve-inch “Merging In Light” and I still can’t forgive that mistake. About four years ago I heard this band the very first time via BandCamp and I’ve loved it since that moment I held their debut, “Of The Flock”, in my hands. With this new album my love for this duo is growing stronger and stronger, doomed sludge at it’s very best. This copy is so-called deluxe version, limited to 100 copies and came with tote bag, patches, enemal pins etc. Sorry to say that it’s also sold out by now. There’s still “regular” black copies available via their BandCamp site, so what are you still waiting for?


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