shroud eater

Latest release from the mighty STB Records, this time Shroud Eater with their album “Strike The Sun”. Oh girls & boys, this record is hitting hard. I get to know this group few years ago when I found their twelve-inch “Dead Ends” via BandCamp. I have to admit that I haven’t been listening that 12″ lately (if I remember right the last spinning moment under the needle was over a year ago..) but when STB announced this I wa stoked and I still am. I reaaaally like this album, goes straight to top ten of this years releases (despite the genre). And release after release STB Records is showing us how DIY label’s do it better than major ones. Awesome release overall and packaged & shipped as always, super-secured. I’m surprised that there’s still all color variations of this LP available from the source, STB Records. For God’s sake, do something with your life and purchase this damn record!


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