Ancient VVisdom - 33 LP

Ancient VVisdom: 33 LP (DHU exlusive)


Ancient VVisdom. Years ago I bought their album “Deathlike” and I was amazed about how in hell they could perform this kind of music mostly acoustic. Amazing band but somehow, during this years I had forgotten the band even though that album still has special place in my record rack. Then one of my favourite record label, DHU Records, announced this newest one. Damn this album is beautiful! One of the best records I have bought during this year. This band, with every damn record, has managed to shake my mind with their way of performing this kind of evil music mostly acoustic. Recommended one & still available from the source, DHU Records. And I have to thank DHU for releasing this one, great record released by awesome label!

Ulvesang: The Hunt LP (purple)


Beauty. That’s all to say about this latest from Ulvesang. Found this band a year ago, bought their debut and fell in love. This newest one came yesterday and.. there’s love n the air, once again. Loving the atmosphere on these albums, acoustic so-called neo-folk giving me chills. Listening this album takes me to some distant, yet familiar place. This beauty is limited to 200 copies on purple vinyl and 300 copies on black. Still available from Nordvis and I really can recommend this, I love this band.


Clint Heidorn: Pasadena LP


Oh what a beauty this latest release from Clint Heidorn is. Been a big fan of his music since I bought his debut album “Atwater” seven years ago.. what makes me wonder how fast years are passing by. Thing here is acoustic, avantgardish field recordings etc. and this new album is.. can’t even describe how amazing this is. Thanks to Clint for his music, would love to hear music from him much often. This record arrived within two days from States and for my surprise there was a copy of his collaboration twelve-inch with Loren Connors titled “Light” included (actually I already have that but thanks anyway!). Limited to 134 copies and seems to be still available from his BandCamp site. Highly recommended!

Oh, here’s a picture of his releases I have managed to grab during these years, maybe this picture tells how much I appreciate this artist.



Richard Houghten: Along The Coast LP (orange)


Time to break the silence. Have to admit that I haven’t been very active with this blog of mine lately but I’m still here. This was the very first album that arrived to my household at 2018, Richard Houghten’s beautiful folktronica/acoustic album called “Along The Coast”. Some of you already know that I’m a big fan of his music and I have been quite lucky with purchasing his albums (very limited pressings). I knew from the very first tune I heard from Richard that his music will always have that special place in my heart. This beauty is limited to 86 copies and it’s sold out, surprise! Even though you missed this physical one, you can still get these tunes in digital format. Recommend piece of art.


Richard Houghten: All Guitars 2 LP (lathe-cut)


Woah!! Latest recording by Richard Houghten, album titled “All Guitars 2”. If you haven’t ever heard of this artist, I suggest you to check out his works. I already have several of Houghten’s albums & 7-inches (few seven-inches still missing) and with every new release he manages to surprise me. Folktronica, instrumental, experimental, acoustic guitars.. and this time we can hear some cover versions from Aphex Twin, DJ Shadow, Bonobo etc. Damn, I love his records. Managed to grab a copy even though it was nearly impossible to decide what version to choose.. I chose lathe-cut version, limited to 50 copies. There were few other variations available too but this one felt most interesting.  As you can see on the picture above, I got something extra with the album, seven-inch “On / Lifting Away” with holographic etchings.. didn’t see this coming and I really appreciate this, I really do!

All versions of this latest one are sadly sold out by now..


Ulvesang: Ulvesang LP (green)


It’s acoustic, it’s (neo)folk and I still love these tunes. Once again one of those artists I have never heard before. This one I found via Throne Records, listened few tunes and I just had to purchase the album. I’m not that familiar with this genre but that does not prevent me to listen music like this. Either you like this record or you don’t, that’s just how it is. Bought my copy from Throne Records, green colored is limited to 100 copies and first 40 came numbered. Colored one is sold out but there’s still regular black copies available.


Richard Houghten: Music by Richard Houghten LP & something secret..


Few weeks ago I got this beauty via post. I missed this one when it was available (all Richard’s releases sell out within hours). I really like this artist and I always try to grab whatever he is releasing but sometimes it’s really hard because of time difference. Few times I have woke up in the morning just to notice that something has been announced and sold out while I have been counting sheep. With this one I was more than lucky because Richard himself contacted me and wanted to send me something (he never mentioned what), I really didn’t expect this or anything else. Ones again pure diamond. Best way to describe Richard’s music is “folktronica” like he do on his BandCamp page. This is limited to 50 copies and well, you know it’s sold out. Maybe Richard should think little bigger pressing amounts? Check out his BandCamp site for time to time, you never know what treasures there might be!

Along this album came super secret test pressing/ single-sided prototype of upcoming A Cosmic Gift’s album “Hologram”.. more about this jewel closer to releasing day, but I can say that this will be a freaking brilliant record!!


Western Skies Motel: Settlers LP

western skies motel

This may be the most beautiful electro acoustic, drone/ambient/folk release I have ever heard. Months ago I got this press kit to my email from Lost Tribe Sound..  Listened & pre-ordered the vinyl, yeah it was that easy. I got this physical copy last week and I’m more and more convinced that this release from Western Skies Motel will be on my to 3 as this year draws to a close. It’s that stunning, amazing & beautiful piece of art. Limited to 170 numbered copies and still available from Lost Tribe Sound (US). Recommended one and hurry, because there are only 11 copies on vinyl left..


Seabuckthorn: They Haunted Most Thickly LP


This one also came earlier this week, Seabuckthorn and album called “They Haunted Most Thickly”. I ordered this almost a year ago and release of this beautiful vinyl delayed just because of pressing plant which had problems delivering it on time. But now it’s finally here and I can’t picture better album for this gloomy Sunday morning. Cinematic, acoustic, atmospheric, intensive folk influenced record.. in other words, stunning beauty. Limited to 300 copies and available directly from the artist or from the label, Bookmaker Records

Kumea Sound: Real Music For Unreal Times LP


Speechless.. never heard of this instrument (cupola) Lauri Wuolio is playing on this record, but it sounds way too mesmerizing to even exist. This record floats somewhere beyond ambient & world music, and I can’t find words to describe it. Just check out what Lauri himself has to say about his instrument. Limited to 300 copies and I honestly recommend this, one of my best discoveries via BandCamp, ever. Available from the source, Kumea Sound’s BC page. Check the video below..

Richard Houghten: All Guitar 12″ (clear, lathe-cut & limited to 40 copies)

Richard Houghten - All Guitar

During this week I have received few interesting records indeed. Let’s start with this on from Richard Houghten. All Guitar, latest vinyl release from this folktronica artist (limited to 40 copies on lathe-cut clear vinyl). Little hard to describe his music.. words like acoustic, experimental, folktronica, instrumental can be used when fitting this one to some genre. Beautiful record once again from Richard and I’m damn lucky that I managed to grab this one before it was sold out. Keep your eyes on this artist, I surely will.

Richard Houghten: Open Horizon 7″ (lathe cut)

Righard Houghten

Here I’m rubbing my hairy & dirty hands together with a smile on my face. Yes, I managed to purchase this latest lathe-cut seven-inch from Richard’s BandCamp site. This tiny record is filled with “folktronica”, like artist himself describes his music, and I just love his acoustic-downtempo-instrumental-folk. Title track is composed for the Transworld skating film Open Horizon and the video can be seen on the bottom of this page. Limited run of 30 copies has sold out, sadly. But you can support this awesome artist by purchasing his music on digital format via his BandCamp site.

Richard Houghten: Sonata De Grillo LP (colored)


Hahaa, and here it is as I wished last February, a full-length album from Richard Houghten! I like this one, a lot. Folktronica is the name of the game here and you must listen for your self to find out what it means. This album is limited to 100 copies and available from his BandCamp site (at this very moment there seems to be only two copies available though..) and 6 random orders will have his (already sold out) lathe cut seven-inch included. Recommended one, obviously!

Dorthia Cottrell: s/t LP


“Paved in bone, blessed are these highways that carry us home…”

Is this the record I have been waiting for all my life, is this the one? I surely don’t know but we are close, so close.. I came across with this album while surfing trough BandCamp and it was love at first “sight”. Later I discovered that I already have heard her voice numerous times while spinning Windhand’s latest album.. Well, sometimes it goes like this. Awesome solo album. And even though the whole album is pure gold from the first note to the last, there are these two tracks I’m in love; “Orphan Bird” and Townes Van Zandt cover “Rake”. Recommended album, available from Forcefield Records (I was tired for waiting some European distributor getting this one so I ordered my copy directly from the source).

“I used to wake and run with the moon
I lived like a rake and a young man
I covered my lovers with flowers and wounds
My laughter, the Devil would frighten…”

Nick Jonah Davis: House Of Dragons LP


Hmm.. what can I say.. I just love acoustic guitars (as I love violin, cello, piano etc..) and there’s certainly something addicting on this album by Nick Jonah Davis. House Of Dragons is his second full-length and I like it, a lot. Still I’m no one to say anything about this album but damn, I trust my ears and my ears love these sounds, notes & the atmosphere on this album. Instrumental it is, experimental mixture of folk, country and americana. Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies on black vinyl and wrapped on this nice looking cover. Oh, and it’s available from Lancashire And Somerset. Recommended!

Terminal Sound System: Dust Songs 2xLP (on clear vinyl)


Look what I got here, latest album from Terminal Sound System. And yes, I really like this strange record with acoustic guitars, haunting vocals and most of all this totally weird mixture of drone/synth/doom/everything.. It took a while to understand the beauty of all this and now I just want to hear more of these twisted tunes. Nice, really nice one. These clear copies are limited to 150 pieces and available from Denovali. If you prefer your vinyl on black, they have also copies on that colorway available. Recommended one.

Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne: I Line My Days Along Your Weight LP


This is one of those albums that leaves you breathless just because of it’s so damn beautiful. Acoustic guitars and Mary’s voice.. that’s all you need. Accidentally I came across with this album while checking out does Important Records have something new coming up. And surely they did, this debut album from this awesome duo. I remember reading about pressing info of this album but I can’t remember how many copies have been pressed, like I even care because I would have bought this anyway. Available from Important Records and I recommend to check out this little treasure.

Matthew Collings: Splintered Instruments LP (clear gold)

matthew collings - splintered Instruments 02

Woah! I didn’t see this coming. I know that Fluid Audio released this on CD last year but I skipped that automatically because of the “wrong” format. Damn I’m happy that I purchased this now on vinyl, released by another awesome record label, Denovali. And once again I gambled, bought this without hearing a note before today (little white lie here, actually I did listen few seconds from the first track before I purchased this) .. I’m in love with this album now. Title of the album tells more than a thousand words, Splintered Instruments. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 200 copies on clear vinyl. Both versions available from Denovali, of course. Highly recommended release this one is.

got these from blackest rainbow today.. part 2.

blackest rainbow

Oh and today I finally received that second parcel from Blackest Rainbow (took a little longer to arrive but now it’s here where it should be).

Well, let’s see what we got here.. That much I already know that these are quite experimental albums and that really is the most interesting part :)


OWL XOUNDS EXPLODING GALAXY ‎– Splintered Visions, LP (limited to 250 copies) BRR223, 2011


And this first one is totally free jazz, free improvisation and.. and I’m little wordless with this one I have to admit (in positive way). Hard but beautiful one. This can still be picked up from Blackest Rainbow for £1.99 and there are 39 copies still available.

This live clip shows what this album is made of..


KOMMISSAR HJULER UND FRAU / THE HUNTER GRACCHUS ‎– Zwei Eineperson (Pt. 2) / Mujeres De La Boca, LP (limited to 500 copies) BRR184, 2010

kommissar hjuler

Hmm.. this is weird one, experimental or more like avantgarde? I can’t say after listening this one trough one time. There is much to chew with this one. This is also available from Blackest Rainbow and the price ain’t that bad, £1.99 (only 8 copies left). Strange little piece of vinyl..


CAM DEAS – Blind Chance, LP (limited to 500 copies) BBR175, 2010

cam deas

This one, I like this really much (more familiar stuff). Even though this is also quite experimental, I love when music is played acoustic. Nice pick, I have to admit. Sadly this is sold out from Blackest Rainbow, but surely you can find this easily if you really want. Recommended.

Little live clip what this artist is about


ARITOMO ‎– こわいこもれび [Fearful Sunshine Filtering Through Foliages], LP (limited to 322 copies) BBR180, 2010


Reissue of this artists debut album. This is strange psychedelic folk from this awesome Japanese artist. I really like this one, this is different and so amazing little piece of art. This cost me £2.99 and there are still 4 copies available from Blackest Rainbow. Recommended.


ARITOMO – Blooming The Ena, LP (limited to 250 copies) BBR183, 2011


Yet another awesome reissue from Aritomo, originally released in 2007. It’s fine that Blackest Rainbow has released these reissues. Japanese folk at its best. Sad to say but this one is also sold out from Blackest Rainbow, but surely you can find a copy if you want this treasure. Recommended record indeed!


PAINTING PETALS ON PLANET GHOST ‎– Transparent Winter, LP (limited to 250) BBR220, 2011

transparent winter

And then the last one, and maybe the best one from this shipment (this is purely my opinion after listening all these albums trough once). I like everything with experimental, avantgarde folk. This beauty cost me £1.99 and there are still 20 copies available from Blackest Rainbow.


So, that’s all. Conclusion is that I’m very pleased that I purchased these 11 albums (came on to separate parcels). Niiiice…