Sun Of Grey: Outerworld LP (black)

_sun of grey

Here is one of the most played records in our household recently, Sun Of Grey and their album “Outerworld”. Outstanding beauty filled with doom-psych-stoner from first groove to very last one. Been listening to this one while driving to work and back, daily for a few weeks now and loving it more and more. I spotted this band via Captain Beyond Zen (Facebook) and bought a copy at that same day. Don’t know about the limitation of this vinyl but the band seems to have some copies still available on their BandCamp site. Go for it!

Firebreather: Under a Blood Moon LP (red with black splatter)


Holy sh**.. !! I picked this one from the local post office a few days ago (after paying taxes etc..). This is Firebreather, crushing doomed stoner monster, from (surprisingly) Sweden. Pure ear candy from the first track to the last one. Released by Riding Easy Records and this variation is limited to 75 copies (should have been red with black splatter but my version is more or less just red). All color variations still available from the source and if you wanna save on shipping costs you can order this evil record from Riding Easy’s EU store. Highly recommended album!!!!!!!! Easily one of the best records I have heard during this year!


Lucifungus: Akuma Kin LP (secret stash edition)


And what about this monstrous abomination filled with filthy fuzz, moss, mushrooms, and some secret green stuff? Lucifungus from Australia with their debut album (correct me if I’m wrong) “Akuma Kin”. Doomed stoner rock/metal and Hell Yeah I freaking love this record! Some might say that this sounds like Canadian Dopethrone, but more you listen, more you know. F**king awesome release. This came through Black Farm Records some time ago and this color variation (limited to 100 copies) is long gone but hey, go and grab that yellow edition (limited to 150 copies) while you still can!

Black Prism: Black Prism LP (clear)

black prism

Niceeeee.. This arrived today and holy hell I like this 70’s influenced stoner/doom act. Never heard of this band before but few weeks ago I came across this upcoming album via Cursed Tongue Record (label I have started love more and more these days..). Bought this CTR exclusive version on clear vinyl including poster & patch limited to 100 copies. Some may say that they have heard these riffs million times before. Well I haven’t and actually I do not even care. This kinda stoner, doom. 70′ psychedelic heavy is way better than music overall nowadays. This version is sold out from the source but they still have some regular copies available. Freaking good album and yet again I suggest you to check this out before that last variation runs out..

Ancient VVisdom - 33 LP

Ancient VVisdom: 33 LP (DHU exlusive)


Ancient VVisdom. Years ago I bought their album “Deathlike” and I was amazed about how in hell they could perform this kind of music mostly acoustic. Amazing band but somehow, during this years I had forgotten the band even though that album still has special place in my record rack. Then one of my favourite record label, DHU Records, announced this newest one. Damn this album is beautiful! One of the best records I have bought during this year. This band, with every damn record, has managed to shake my mind with their way of performing this kind of evil music mostly acoustic. Recommended one & still available from the source, DHU Records. And I have to thank DHU for releasing this one, great record released by awesome label!

Grajo: Slowgod II (DHU exclusive)


Here it is. On a scale of one to ten, this album goes straight to eleven. Latest (and second full-length) from Grajo, called Slowgod II. Last year I was completely sold when I heard the band’s debut album. With this album, band has taken a step beyond and I’m following what ever the direction is. Great record mixing elements from doom to space rock and that vocalist.. aah what a voice she has. DHU exclusive version (limited to 90 copies) has been sold out from the source for a while but you can still reach for this color variation via band’s BandCamp site and as I’m writing this there seems to be only 2 copies left.. so you better act while you still can. There’s also other color variations available from both DHU Records & band. Astonishing album and once again (how many times have I said this..) excellent work from the label!! 

I know that this album is made to listen via turntable but it’s little hard to carry portable turntable along and that vinyl does not fit into my walkman. So I Have to purchase this on Mp3 format too..


Bathory: Hammerheart LP


Finally, one of the greatest has returned home. Bought this original copy from one domestic seller via Facebook market place. I paid 30€ for this and was quite relieved that the condition was this good, no disturbing noises while spinning under the needle. Cover has some marks but so what. Released 28 years ago and still sounds amazing. Great one, no doubt.

“When the wind cries out my name
And time has come for me to die
Then wrap me in my cape
And lay my sword down at my side

Then place me on a ship of Oak
And let it drift with tide
Let the flames purify my soul
On its way to hall up high”


Youngblood Supercult: The Great American Death Rattle LP (black/bone with red splatter)


And here it is, the last LP record I received on 2017 (came just for the Christmas, few days earlier actually). Hmm.. am I experiencing de-ja vu here because I wrote a post of their previous album on 22nd of December last year.. but hey, I could use those very same words about this album too but I’m not that lazy. Very well, an excellent album once again and after listening this numerous & numerous times during this past week I’m certain that this is going to be on very top of my list of best purchases during 2017. Great combination of retro-psych-stoner-whatever-you-wanna-call-it and I’m smiling. Thanks to the great Dark Hedonistic Union Records for releasing & delivering this treasure to us all, we salute you! This color variation is DHU exclusive, limited to 90 copies and for those who did not get their hands on this treasure, The Company Records seems to have some red-colored copies (limited to 125) still available. Recommended, obviously :)


Bolt Thrower: …For Victory LP


One more original pressing to my collection. Fifth full-length from mighty Bolt Thrower. This Death/Grind band has been one of my favourite years & years and I have been hunting down silently these original pressings. Within last three-four months I have managed to grab so many great records from that era. Now I’m waiting for 3 first one from Cannibal Corpse & Sepultura’s Schizophrenia to arrive. As you can see, I really love those old good death/thrash/speed/grind bands. One more record closer to my goal, to own all those I lost along the way.


Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones: Astrild Astrild 2xLP (green/grey merge)


And here’s one of my favourite Denovali artists, Dale Cooper Quartet & Dictaphones and their latest full-length “Astrild Astrild”. Actually I missed this totally when it was announced but hopefully I found a copy via Discogs (and got this near original prize). This is my fifth album from this group and still I love their modern-cool jazz-classical music. It’s this atmosphere here on these albums I’m in love. This album was released on green/grey merge (limited to 150 copies), on red (limited to 150 copies) and on regular black vinyl. As you can guess, those colored variations are long gone but you still can get that regular version from example from the source, Denovali. Recommended one!


Ø: Konstellaatio 2xLP


Last full-length from Mika Vainio’s alias, Ø.  beautiful record from my most favourite electronic artist. As we all know (and if you did not, you will), Mika Vainio died accidentally few months ago in France and sad but true that reflects straight to prizes of the records he was involved with. I bought this album with 12″ Syväys straight from Sähkö Recordings little before his passing to the other side. Huge lost. Now that I have listened this album several times there’s some kind of sadness, stillness embracing all these tunes. Thanks for your music, rest in peace.


Mamaleek: Kurdaitcha LP


Five years ago I put this album on the top of my “wantlist”, five years it took to get it and yes, it was worth to fait. Mamaleek is a twisted shoegazing bastard child of blackened-doom-experimental-abstract-noise-drone scene.. This is kind of music you either like or you do not, there’s no shades of grey on this color palette. I love this. Thing that made this album little hard to find was obviously the limitation, only 100 copies floating around the globe. I got one and I’m smiling. I remember promising myself that if I ever find a copy of this record I’m done with collecting.. bullshit, I’ll never stop.


Spectral Lore: Gnosis 2×12″ (bronze)


This is record I ordered while sitting on the bus on my way to my grandmothers funeral almost two months ago. I listened this via BandCamp several times during that trip and fell in love with this blackened, ambient/drone, nearly instrumental folk metal record. Never had heard of this band before I got this mail from Throne Records announcing release of this record. On this album there’s one track I could listen on repeat & endlessly and that track is called “Averroe’s Search”, haven’t heard as beautiful track in years. Thanks to Throne Records introducing this band and releasing this magical record. Released on bronze (numbered & limited to 75 copies), on white-speckled transparent purple (also numbered & limited to 75 copies) and on black vinyl (limited to 300 copies). There’s only black copies available anymore from the source, Throne Records.



Lamagaia: Lamagaia LP (purple/blue swirl)


Next few hours I gonna spend with this psych/kraut/space album by Lamagaia. Gonna jump on my bicycle, ride around the city my headphones on and possibly check out some flea markets etc.. or maybe I just go and by some beer and let my mind travel with these tunes across time and space. Freaking good sounding album this surely is, hypnotizing, crushing, tripping. Thanks to Cardinal Fuzz & Sunrise Ocean Bender for giving vinyl treatment to this album. This color variation is limited to 200 copies and surprise, surprise sold out already. Black copies still available for example from Sunrise Ocean Bender (US), White Darf (EU) & Kozmik Artifactz (EU).


Oranssi Pazuzu: Kosmonument 2xLP


One more to go and my collection of Oranssi Pazuzu is complete. Kosmonument, Pazuzu’s third album (second if we don’t count that split with Candy Cane). My journey with Oranssi Pazuzu started with “Valonielu” (which is still their best album if you ask me) and Kosmonument was released few years earlier. Difficult album, disturbed blackened space/psychedelic metal and stories out of this realm. Limited to 500 copies in triple-fold cover. Really happy that I managed to get this one, in this condition. Beware Pazuzu, I’m after “Muukalainen Puhuu” now…

“Olen eksynyt ulottuvuuksiin
joissa Newtonin mekaniikka katoaa
aika ja etäisyys haarautuen
haihtuvat syvään pyörteeseen..”

Locrian: Infinite Dissolution LP (clear)


Yesterday I got this one too.. this time on clear vinyl!

And here’s what I said about this release few posts earlier:
I’ve been staring at this monitor now for a while, I just don’t know what to write. I’m just listening.. It started with “The Crystal World” five years ago, listening. This band has been one of my favorite since. And because I’m not a critic nor musically talented I have no fancy words to describe this release and the music on it. In my own words; if you buy only one record this year, buy this one. Absolutely beautiful album embraced by darkness.. Stunning mixture of ambient (darkened), noise, experimental, blackened metal and so much more. This beauty/beast is limited to 250 copies on this silver-colored vinyl and 850 copies on electric blue wax. Of course there are also those 100 copies on clear vinyl but those are not available to purchase. This is all we need, this infinite dissolution. Amen.


Prurient: Frozen Niagara Falls 3xLP (white)


I nearly skipped this one (do not even ask why..) but suddenly I came to my senses and purchased this white vinyl version from Profound Lore. My first album from Prurient and I have to say that this release leaves me speechless.. overwhelming & astonishing one. This release needed a little time and patience but suddenly it revealed itself to me.  Don’t even know what genre to put this one because there obviously are influences from all of them.. electronics, industrial, darkened ambient and even from blackened metal. Who cares about lines between different music styles when it all comes to this. Beautiful release and still available from the source, Profound Lore.





Red House Painters: Red House Painters 2xLP (also known as “Rollercoaster” album)

red house painters

Here it is, the album that was at one point of my life the greatest record ever made. And still it’s great, beautiful etc. I had to purchase this repress because I sold my original copy back then.. how stupid was I. Anyways, really happy that this has been repressed at last. I so know that original copies of RHP’s albums are way too expensive for me to even dream of and these represses are more than welcome. This album brings so much memories from that era (just like Mazzy Star’s albums) and that’s why I means a lot to me. Beautiful indie/alternative album and surely this is has been every record collecting hipsters wet dream (at least that original 2xLP) for years. Things Mean A Lot.

Bought my copy from Norman Records.


Locrian: Infinite Dissolution LP (silver)


I’ve been staring at this monitor now for a while, I just don’t know what to write. I’m just listening.. It started with “The Crystal World” five years ago, listening. This band has been one of my favorite since. And because I’m not a critic nor musically talented I have no fancy words to describe this release and the music on it. In my own words; if you buy only one record this year, buy this one. Absolutely beautiful album embraced by darkness.. Stunning mixture of ambient (darkened), noise, experimental, blackened metal and so much more. This beauty/beast is limited to 250 copies on this silver-colored vinyl and 850 copies on electric blue wax. Of course there are also those 100 copies on clear vinyl but those are not available to purchase. This is all we need, this infinite dissolution. Amen.

Oh, along came this redeem code I have no use (already have this album on digital form buried deep inside my cellular phone).


Dorthia Cottrell: s/t LP


“Paved in bone, blessed are these highways that carry us home…”

Is this the record I have been waiting for all my life, is this the one? I surely don’t know but we are close, so close.. I came across with this album while surfing trough BandCamp and it was love at first “sight”. Later I discovered that I already have heard her voice numerous times while spinning Windhand’s latest album.. Well, sometimes it goes like this. Awesome solo album. And even though the whole album is pure gold from the first note to the last, there are these two tracks I’m in love; “Orphan Bird” and Townes Van Zandt cover “Rake”. Recommended album, available from Forcefield Records (I was tired for waiting some European distributor getting this one so I ordered my copy directly from the source).

“I used to wake and run with the moon
I lived like a rake and a young man
I covered my lovers with flowers and wounds
My laughter, the Devil would frighten…”