UPDATE 03/25/14, no seam splits anymore, today arrived replacement cover to this record. I really appreciate this because I did not call for a new one, I just emailed some pictures and expressed my feelings about packaging. Thank You Erased Tapes, this is customer service at its best! 


This beautiful album from Lubomyr came also today. Awesome sounding record that was on my “wantlist” too long before I made my mind and purchased it. I’m glad that I have this now but not that happy about how it was delivered. I asked to ship this one records taken out of the cover just to avoid these possible seam split issues.. and well, you can see how it came out (even though it was packaged well, records were inside the cover..).


Hmm.. this was not “cheap” record to purchase and I assumed that I’ll get what I ordered, mint condition records with mint condition cover, I was wrong. Sad. But one thing is clear, the record is amazing!

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