Hidden Orchestra: Dawn Chorus 2xLP (+ 10″ & CD etc.)

hidden orchestra

I Came across with Joe Acheson’s studio project (Hidden Orchestra) years ago, if I remember right it must have been on year 2011, via great Denovali Records. Since that moment I have tried to purchase/collect all his records under this moniker. This seems to be latest release of Hidden Orchestra and this time via Tru Thoughts. Hidden Orchestra is about downtempo, contemporary, experimental future jazz and I really love to listen these tunes over and over again. Beautiful album (third time on a row). This version I purchased is on ultra-clear black/white blob vinyl, along came ten-inch called “Source Materials” 24-page booklet and CD. Quite nice deal indeed. Can’t remember the limitation of this bundle but one thing is for sure, it’s sold out. If you’re still interested, you can purchase regular black version via Tru Thoughts (for example). Recommended artist, always.


Mouse On The Keys: Out of Body 12″ (black)


I was introduced to this group years ago by Denovali Records. This is latest release by this awesome japanese post-rock/contemporary jazz band. It’s quite refreshing to place records like this one on your turntable and let yourself slip away.. This twelve-inch was released by Topshelf Records and limited to 1000 copies (150 copies on black, 350 on clear and 500 on white vinyl) and is available from the same source, Topshelf (clear & white copies, black is sold out..). Beautiful release, once again.

Niechęć: Śmierć W Miękkim Futerku


Haa.. Avant-garde, contemporary Jazz from Poland. Have to admit that I first got interested about this record just because the picture on the cover. Then I played the album via BandCamp app for few times just to realize I really like this record. Yeah, I’m talking about Jazz, the genre I have no idea about, but so what. Darkened, improvised avantgardish Jazz and a great example why I still love this thing called music. Still available via their BandCamp site. Love it.


F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm: Tag Eins Tag Zwei LP


Maybe I have been listening too much stoner & metal lately so now I decided to give this one a spin. Latest Sonic Pieces release, collaboration album by Blumm & Frahm called “Tag Eins Tag Zwei”. Yeah, Can I call this modern classical or is this more like experimental ambient driven classical music played with various instruments like spoons.. who cares, this sounds relaxing and for me this is quite refreshing one for this spring. This one is limited to 450 copies and more likely it’s sold out already. Of course there are copies on sale via Discogs but those prices..

Poppy Ackroyd: Feathers LP (on clear vinyl)


Yep.. at this moment I really believe that my earphones have integrated with my ear canals. Second album from Poppy (known also as a member of Hidden Orchestra) and second one I own. I already know that I’m going to spend numerous hours with this modern “classical” album like I did with the debut one. Yep..this sounds awesome, I suggest that you listen this with your headphones on and you might have this same problem with ear canals as I do. This clear one is still available from Denovali and surely there’s also this “regular” black edition available. Oh, this cost €17.00 + shipping from the record label mentioned above but some people are already selling these clear copies on Discogs for double the price.. How lame is that?

Carlos Cipa: All Your Life You Walk 2xLP (on royal blue vinyl)


Beware, this album is about classical, modern classical. Carlos and piano, what else you need? It’s pointless for me to say anything about this album, anything else than it’s so beautiful.. I could listen this artist playing his instrument for hours and hours and hours.. Few years ago I was amazed about his debut album “The Monarch And The Viceroy” and now this latest.. I like this, I love this. Still available from Denovali (limited to 250 copies on this colorway). Just listen..

Lubomyr Melnyk: Corollaries 2xLP (clear).. UPDATE 03/25/14 and no seam splits anymore

UPDATE 03/25/14, no seam splits anymore, today arrived replacement cover to this record. I really appreciate this because I did not call for a new one, I just emailed some pictures and expressed my feelings about packaging. Thank You Erased Tapes, this is customer service at its best! 


This beautiful album from Lubomyr came also today. Awesome sounding record that was on my “wantlist” too long before I made my mind and purchased it. I’m glad that I have this now but not that happy about how it was delivered. I asked to ship this one records taken out of the cover just to avoid these possible seam split issues.. and well, you can see how it came out (even though it was packaged well, records were inside the cover..).


Hmm.. this was not “cheap” record to purchase and I assumed that I’ll get what I ordered, mint condition records with mint condition cover, I was wrong. Sad. But one thing is clear, the record is amazing!

Otto A Totland: Pinô LP


Here I’m laying on my bed, wearing my beloved Entombed T-shirt eyes closed and headphones on.. Well, it was few moments ago and after writing these meaningless words I’m going to continue my voyage with this beautiful album, Otto A Totland’s Pinô. This came from Boomkat today and I’m very glad that I managed to purchase vinyl copy of this gorgeous piece of music. Within two weeks I have received two awesome record filled with piano sounds, this and Fabrizio Paterlini’s The Art of the Piano. Makes me wonder what is happening to me. This is limited to 350 copies on vinyl, released by Sonic Pieces and currently sold out (or I couldn’t find any copies than those on Discogs with breathtaking price tags). Enough of this muttering and headphones back on. Listen.


Fabrizio Paterlini: The Art of The Piano LP (white)

Fabrizio Paterlini

And what we got here today, classical, contemporary music played with piano. Did not see this coming? Well, my music taste is not tied to some genres or styles, I listen to music I like, music that touches. I admire those who have skills to perform their music with instruments they obviously love, like this artist. I’m glad that I did purchase this one, certainly has its special place in my record shell. I suggest you to step out of the comfort zone that surrounds you and give this record a good spin. Limited to 150 copies on white vinyl (seems to be his first release on vinyl) and available from his BandCamp site. Recommended.

Luke Howard: Sun, Cloud LP


Nice. This came today and I’m really glad that I purchased this even though it was little pricey but this one is worth of every cent. Modern classical and this needs to be listened your headphones on. This beauty is limited to 250 copies and if you like, you can purchase this from Luke Howard’s BandCamp site. Recommended!

Oh, and I have to mention this, record came in perfect condition from Australia to Europe. Packaging was awesome, records taken out of the cover and packaged in mailer with bumper zones (I might write something about packaging, again, in near future..). But anyways, here is some clip from this album.

Eleni Karaindrou: The Suspended Step Of The Stork LP


This was the other Eleni Karaindrou album that I mentioned on my earlier post. There are moments when I like to listen these albums, calm moments that we all have in our life. We all have our opinions about music, records etc. These are records I like to listen, as I like to listen Bolt Thrower or Portal. It’s music that matters. Love and respect.