Oh, damn! This newest from Horseback came today and I’m totally surprised and amazed with this album (in best possible way). The difference with “Invisible Mountain” (my first Horseback purchase few years back) and this album is huge! I really appreciate when band keeps evolving.. but this is amazing! Love these guitars, love this strange little record. What can I say when experimental metal/drone band does record like this one. Now I have to purchase that Jenks Miller “Spirit Signal” on vinyl too (it has been on my wantlist for a while though). Total beauty and this one I can recommend highly hand on my heart! The other awesome thing is that there are plenty of copies floating around (about 1043) so it’s quite easy to find from every good physical/web store, for example from Three Lobed Recordings and Denovali (if you live in Europe). Now I’ll just wait my test press copy of this album to arrive ;)

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