Top Banana

This time a little post about this cassette I got today (it has been very quiet with vinyls lately even though I have ordered quite big pile of those treasures). Now I have something unique, just because this is the only physical copy that exist, #5 of tape series Top Banana is releasing. Hmm.. I ordered this because I like it and had an opportunity to do so. Maybe they should release all these on vinyl or CD because some strange way I feel bad to own this one and only physical copy.

Head to BandCamp and listen/purchase digital copy of this release (and all previous releases). I can recommend this one. Oh, if I  have understand this right they are releasing a tape like this every month :)


4 thoughts on “Top Banana: Tarantula (cassette)

    1. Tips, research, mailing lists and staring the monitor at the right time. But don’t worry, I missed latest RidingEasy Records limited editions (Salem’s Pot & Electric Citizen records..). This hobby of mine takes too much time and money so sometimes it’s alright to miss some releases.. Well, I usually buy those missed releases later from Discogs.. Not that cheap hobby though.

      I always update to “Ordered items” section what I have bought.. :)

  1. Oh, I try to keep this blog going.. I really appreciate feedback/comments like Yours (and every tip about some new, amazing music)!

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