Went down to local record store last Friday just to check out if there’s something new & interesting releases available. After half an hour of digging & chitchatting with the owner I ask him to recommend something and he pointed out this album. Swedish artist performing some kind of experimental, avant-gardish drone or something, hmmm sounds good I thought in my mind. Album was stored vinyl (in inner sleeve) and cover separated inside plastic sleeve and I decided to take a risk and bought the album without checking it any closer. I got home, took the vinyl out.. Ättestupa! The name of the artist was hidden behind that inner sleeve.. So, I bought Ättestupa’s latest album accidentally (I already have two previous Ättestupa albums on my record rack). Can’t complain, store owner did well. Limited to 300 copies and available for example from Musiclovers Records (EU) where you can also purchase previous record (Musik För Tomma Rum), La Plaque Noire (EU) and Unseen Force (US). Recommended if you are on this kind of experimental stuff. Sample clip is from the previous album just because I couldn’t find never tunes for you to hear.


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