Haaaa.. new album from one of the best Post rock bands there is, Mono. I lost my heart to this group when I heard their album “Hymn To The Immortal Win” (2009) and the song “Follow The Map”. I got this one earlier this week and listened it only once (it’s a shame that I have to work during weekdays..) but I truly love every note I heard. Obviously this album will have plenty of playing time. This colorway is limited to 250 copies and there is also this “sunburst” version limited also to 250 copies (both of these are released by Pelagic Records and both are sold out). Pelagic still has gold/silver version (limited to 500 copies) and regular black available on their store. Those who live in states can purchase pale gold/silver version (ltd. 1000) from Temporary Residence.


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