Another Dopethrone recording, this time their second full-length. Bought this via Ebay from SteveSTB and I’m really happy that I finally manage to get a proper copy of this album (yes, I already have one copy of this record I purchased via Discogs but I’ll come back to that on my next post..). Still I don’t know what it is that fascinate me about their music but these raw & evil sounding tunes have stolen my heart. This beer-colored copy of Dopethrone’s Dark Foil is limited to 300 copies and that’s limited enough to get a place in my collection. Little hard to find but if you ever get your hands on this, don’t let it go!

Steve sold this as a mint copy and that what it truly is. Love the band, love the record and I still believe that there are people who know how to package vinyl records. Recently I have received too many damaged LP’s (some I have not even received like, Black Tomb I ordered from the band & Morass Of Molasses latest die-hard copy from HeviSike that never arrived even though they promised to do something about that.. blaah). Anyways, life goes on.


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