Makes me wonder how in earth this album hasn’t already sold out. Even though I’m a big fan of DHU Records and been purchasing (lately) nearly all releases from this label more or less blindly, this album from Mother Crone I listened  (well, all those tracks available) in advance. Holy freaking hell, I fell in love right away. Brilliant blend of stoner/metal and even a hint of some thrash metal influences mixed together. I’m digging this album (actually listening to it while writing this) a lot. Great band and awesome record label putting out these jewels one after another. I suggest you to check this monster out if your heart is opened for some hard-hitting stoner metal. Released on three different color variations and the one I ordered is the most limited one. Like I said, all variations are still available from the source, DHU Records. so move your fat as from that sofa and do something with your life,  buy this album. And huge thanks goes to DHU Records, the reason can be seen on the picture below, I’m really honored by this gesture.


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