Black Bone Exorcism: Crack The Bone, Break The Heart 2xLP (“Heretic” edition)

black bone

It’s hard to find the way when you’re lost in the darkness. And here’s one freaking interesting record by Black Bone Exorcism, released by Dark Hedonistic Union Records (damn you DHU, you’re draining my savings). Music on this album is quite hard to describe, surely this ain’t black metal, doom or stoner even though I can hear some echoes from these genres here, what it is then? Can I hear some distant Neurosis influences.. don’t know but boys/girls, it’s intense, desperate, hopeless, dark and mos of all it’s rocking big time. Maybe you should check it out by yourself . This DHU “Heretic” exclusive (limited to 90 copies) is still available from DHU likewise that “Collapse” version which is limited to 150 copies. Brilliant album! Oh, actually I ordered that “Collapse” version because on the mock-up picture it looked amazing, but sometimes record plants can’t provide what they promise and thanks to DHU  for swapping it to his “Heretic” one.


Hope Drone: Cloak Of Ash 2xLP (clear)

hope drone

Cloak of Ash, the title of the album says it all. There’s no hope with this drone. As a matter of fact there’s no hope at all. This Australian band has shown their capability of creating hopeless blackened/sludged metal second time in a row and this time under Relapse Record’s hopeless wings. I really loved their debut album and at least now this band has stolen a place in my heart, permanently. Yes, it’s that good. As we all know, these clear vinyl versions Relapse keeps releasing are limited to 100 copies and are not for sale to public but now and then these can be found from Discogs / Ebay. I bought my copy from Discogs and there seems to be few copies still available with decent prize. Glorious one, hopeless though! Regular versions available from Relapse if you’re interested.

Terminal Sound System: Dust Songs 2xLP (on clear vinyl)


Look what I got here, latest album from Terminal Sound System. And yes, I really like this strange record with acoustic guitars, haunting vocals and most of all this totally weird mixture of drone/synth/doom/everything.. It took a while to understand the beauty of all this and now I just want to hear more of these twisted tunes. Nice, really nice one. These clear copies are limited to 150 pieces and available from Denovali. If you prefer your vinyl on black, they have also copies on that colorway available. Recommended one.

Risil: Non Meters Vol.1 2xLP (clear)


Third album (2xLP) I got from that package I purchased via Discogs. Actually I had no idea about this album, released by Important Records, when I purchased this but it only cost me $6.00 and record like this would easily cost about €20 or more here where I’m from. As I’m writing this, album is playing on the background and I have to say; money well spent. This is experimental, electronic /ambient album and I like it. This little treasure was released 5 years ago, limited to 200 copies on clear and 800 on black vinyl.

Flying Saucer Attack: Land Beyond The Sun 7″

Found this beauty while I was going through my seven-inches. Used to listen quite a lot this band years ago and I was surprised that I even still have this. If I remember right, I got this from a friend 1994-1995 with their full length, Further (that one I have sold years ago and regret it with my full heart). I do not know is this post-rock/ space-rock / art-pop or what but I still like their music. Maybe I just have to start hunting their records once again. Nice.

Beastmilk: Climax LP (clear).. and damn, I already got this (transparent red one)..

Yep. Today I got a package from HR records including this album..


Damn, I did not remember ordering this (I already have that transparent red copy).. but this shows how important it is to keep some track of the records you are ordering. And this is truly not the first time for me.. Well, I like this album but do I need a double copy? No, so now I have one less Christmas present to buy. Funny thing with this clear copy (HRR exclusive, limited to 150 copies) is that it is still available from HRR for 20€ and there are few sellers on Discogs trying to sell this color version from 69€ up to 295€! You know, choice is yours :)


Omega Massif: Geisterstadt LP (silver vinyl with black haze)


Yeshh! Love this band and their records. Instrumental doomsludgepostsomething, pure love. This record certainly has its place in my record rack. First this was released by E-Vinyl / Yskalnari Vinyl limited to 500 copies on black vinyl, 150 tour edition and repressed 300 copies. Denovali released this awesome album again and it is limited to 150 copies on silver with black haze, 350 on brown with black splatter. Then this was repressed once again (by Denovali) and limited to 150 copies on ultraclear vinyl with black and silver splatter and 350 copies on ultraclear vinyl. Huh! Awesome album! Totally sold out from Denovali, sorry. I found that this is available from White Dwarf (only problem is that in their website limitation is stated to 500 copies on black vinyl released by Denovali and that cannot be true..) There’s copies (ultraclear) available from Halo Of Flies though..