After Ashes And Blues, album by The Void Of Expansion, I wanted to know more about Dirk Serries & what he has been doing before. Then yesterday I decided to visit the record store nearby and pick a copy of Vidna Obmana’s “The Ultimate Sign Of Burning Death” on vinyl (Obmana, one of Dirk’s aliases). Somehow the owner of the store managed to change my mind and recommended to purchase this box set. So here I am, standing on the ledge & staring this abyss below, abyss filled with abstract noise exploration.. This compilation might be too hard to chew at once so it would be better just listen it trough little by little. I’m glad that I purchased this set because this is what I mean when talking about continuing exploration in the world of noise. Limited to 600 copies and can be easily find from good record stores. Easily recommended for open-minded explorers!

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