green lung_xx

This arrived a few weeks ago, Green Lung and their debut “Woodland Rites” on green/black marbled vinyl (well, in the picture it looks very black..). My story with this band started last year when I missed totally their cassette EP and I promised to myself that I will hunt down a copy somehow. Never got that cassette but now I got a full-length. A great record filled with occult/stoner/doom & hard rocking tunes. Funny thing with these releases by Kozmik Artifactz is that the most limited version is always black colored (limited to 100 copies) then there is some colored option, in this case, green/black marbled limited to 200 (first 111 copies of which are hand numbered.. as a mailorder edition). Someone is selling this numbered one for an egregious prize on Discogs…

First pressing is sold out now but second pressing (two color variation, red and white, and both limited to 250 copies) still available for example via Kozmik Atrifactz.

Highly recommended one!


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